Let’s take a look at two child predators. The first is Edward Wilds III.

The second is Daryl Hayes

Both men have been arrested for child pornography.

The first, Edward Wilds III, was a youth pastor at Palatka Baptist Temple in Palatka, Florida. The Second, Daryl Hayes, worked as Pastor of Berry’s Chapel Church of Christ in Franklin, Tennessee.

Both men used their church’s internet connections to access and download kiddie porn.

Please note that neither man is a drag queen.

The Religious and Political Right are up in arms about drag queens. They are apoplectic about drag queen story hour. They claim we must protect the children from the evil of drag queens. Blah Blah Blah wargarrble noise noise noise.

I’d say, given the terrible scandal of the Southern Baptist Convention’s decades-long cover-up of sexual predators in the denomination and the almost weekly breaking scandals of pastors involved in sex abuse crimes, maybe the religious right should stop with the noise-making about drag queens and remove the log from their eye. (Matthew 7:4-5)

Maybe you don’t believe me when I say almost weekly scandals. A few links are below.










Had enough?

What does it say when sending our kids to church is no longer safe? The American Church must deal with this issue. It’s time to stop pounding the pulpit and making a lot of noise about drag queens, and time to start purging our pastorates.

Drag queens are not molesting our children; pastors are. Drag Queens are not shooting and killing people; right-wing domestic terrorists are. The entire drag queen panic created by religious and political noise makers is meant to distract from the real issue. The real issue is cleaning up our churches and dealing with domestic terrorism.

Drag queens are not the problem. It’s safer to send your kid to the library to hear a story from an entertainer than to send them to church. Pastors often haven’t had background checks, are unscreened, and are unsupervised authorities answerable only to themselves.

If the church fails to clean its own house, more people will flee the pigsty of Americanized Christianity!

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