On the surface, most churches look the same. Inside, they are full of genuinely nice people. However, if you aren’t careful, you could be in a Fundagelical church and not even know it. It may take you weeks or even months before you realize that something seems off. Christian terminology you grew up with take on new meanings. Below is a guide to help you determine if you’ve wandered into a Fundagelical church. here are the top five warning signs you might be attending a Fundagelical church.

Questions and doubts are considered as a lack of faith.

Fundagelicals have a certain set of beliefs you must affirm. If you question any of these beliefs, or if you doubt any of them, because of science, logic or evidence, you will be warned that you are lacking in faith. A typical phrase you might hear is “If the Bible and science disagree, the Bible is right.”

God is very angry.

God is very angry about so many things. He is angry about abortion, Muslims, magic eight balls and lady Gaga. God throws temper tantrums and will flood cities, burn houses and crash airplanes because He is so mad. If you ask why He is mad, you’ll be told that He’s mad because He can’t stand sin. A typical phrase you might hear is “God is judging California with these wildfires for their sinful lifestyles.”

Fundagelicals are very concerned with sin.

Everyone is a sinner. Luckily in Fundagelical churches, forgiveness is only a prayer away. If you are attending a Fundagelical church, your sins don’t matter. However, everyone else’s sins need to be confronted. Confronting other people’s sin, even if you are guilty of those sins yourself, is how you show love.  There will be a long list of things that are sinful. For example, being gay, premarital sex, and real wine served at communion are all sins. However, refusing to help poor people, demeaning women or minorities, and refusing to offer help strangers are all loving acts that confront those sinful people.  A typical phrase you might hear is “We are all sinners saved by grace, but you are going to hell.”

Fundagelicals are right, and all other “Christians” are just “so-called” Christians.

After a few months at a Fundagelical church, you will discover that there are many “so-called” Christians. These are different groups that think they are Christians, but they aren’t. These include: “Fire insurance Christians”, “Backsliding Christians”, “Liberal Christians”, “Christmas and Easter Christians”, “Name only Christians”, “Cultural Christians”, and “Episcopalians.” A typical phrase you might hear is “Presbyterians aren’t real Christians; they are just country club Christians.”

Fundagelical churches make you fearful.

The long term effect of attending a Fundagelical church is fear. Are you sure you are really saved? You better take another trip to the altar at the next altar call to make sure. Are you rapture ready or will you be left behind? Have you backslidden? Are you really sold out for the Lord? Are you a good enough Christian? Are you reading the wrong Bible translation? Remember, Satan is tricky, and he is constantly trying to mess you up. You probably think you are saved, but that may just be your own pride saying that. A typical phrase you might hear is “If you were to die tonight, do you know you would go to heaven?”

If you notice any of these warning signs, you’ve wandered into a Fundagelical church. Feel free to add your own warning signs in the comment section.

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