“Seed faith” grows the weeds of bad theology.

You can turn on the TV or go online and see Fundagelical preachers promising prosperity to anyone who will sow a seed of faith. In Fundagelical Christianese that means to send that particular preacher some money. Televangelist and prosperity preachers live in huge mansions and fly around in private jets as "examples" of how God … Continue reading “Seed faith” grows the weeds of bad theology.

Let’s Do An Experiment!

I was discussing faith healing with another ex-Fundagelical last week. That gave me the idea to write about some of the fraudsters who practice so-called "faith healing" and to write about the bad theology involved in the "word of faith" movement. As I was doing research, I came across a website that told me Peter … Continue reading Let’s Do An Experiment!

Purity Culture and Fundagelicals

Fundagelicals love them some purity culture. They buy copies of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and purity rings. Youth groups have purity dances where young girls go with their father to the faux-prom, and everyone is supposed to save their first kiss for the person they marry. Purity culture has come under a lot of fire … Continue reading Purity Culture and Fundagelicals

Our bloodthirsty God wants blood and death.

Growing up Fundagelical, I've heard a lot of sermons about blood. I've sung hymns where we are washed in the blood, covered by the blood, and received power by the blood. What's up with all this blood? Fundagelicals take the Bible literally, and if God says He wants blood or that it takes blood to … Continue reading Our bloodthirsty God wants blood and death.

Are you under a curse?

Some Fundagelicals believe in curses. These include curses placed on you by enemies, generational curses and self-inflicted curses. What's a generational curse? MinisteringDeliverence.com explains, "A generational curse is basically a defilement that was passed down from one generation to another. For example, if your mother has been heavily involved in the occult, then she has … Continue reading Are you under a curse?

Confessions of a (Christian) Philosophy Professor Part 1

Today's Rogue Fundagelical post is guest written by Philosophy Professor Ted Preston. Warning: Intelligent discussion ahead. You may find this challenging to your way of thinking. Why Christians Should Not Fear Philosophy In “God is Not Dead” (a truly horrible movie from 2014), a cartoonishly evil atheist philosophy professor informs his students that he is … Continue reading Confessions of a (Christian) Philosophy Professor Part 1

God Ignores Our Prayers Because of Vaccines

Sometimes I read things that leave me mystified. I wonder if the people who say these things have any idea what message they are communicating about God. Today's journey into Fundagelical shame and smiting territory comes from Intercessors for America. On the surface, it is a website/ministry devoted to praying for our countries leaders. Praying … Continue reading God Ignores Our Prayers Because of Vaccines

I got busted by a missionary for swearing.

Years ago, as a young youth pastor, I was invited to be the guest speaker for a week-long spiritual emphasis week at a school for missionary kids. The school was located in Guatemala City Guatemala. I spent several weeks preparing stories and illustrations that I thought would be appropriate to American kids living in a … Continue reading I got busted by a missionary for swearing.

Masturbation: You can’t beat it.

Fundagelicals are very uptight about sex. They believe that the only sex that is permissible is sex between heterosexual married couples. It doesn't matter how freaky the sex is, as long as it between married heterosexuals; it's O.K. The Religious Right believes that Father's and husbands control the sexual activity of their unmarried daughters and … Continue reading Masturbation: You can’t beat it.