“Good Christians” get lighter sentences

Recently, a former pastor was convicted of a crime. There is nothing shocking about that. Pastors are people in positions of trust, and they are tempted to do wrong like everyone else. It's a sad reality when a pastor fails morally, but it happens. Did this pastor have financial improprieties? Maybe he was caught having … Continue reading “Good Christians” get lighter sentences

Purity Culture and Fundagelicals

Fundagelicals love them some purity culture. They buy copies of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and purity rings. Youth groups have purity dances where young girls go with their father to the faux-prom, and everyone is supposed to save their first kiss for the person they marry. Purity culture has come under a lot of fire … Continue reading Purity Culture and Fundagelicals

Pray Away The Gay

Sixteen states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico all have bans on conversion therapy for minors. There's a reason for that. First it's damaging to the mental health of people who undergo it; second, it is denounced by psychiatrist, psychologist, and medical practitioners; third, it is not based in science and is nothing less … Continue reading Pray Away The Gay

Lies in the Name of God

Growing up Fundagelical, I was raised to be a culture warrior. I was told that American culture was sliding into depravity. Drugs, premarital sex, homosexuality, abortion, and attempts to remove God from our country must be fought. Every week in Christian school chapel and every Sunday at church, I was told about the evil liberals … Continue reading Lies in the Name of God

Is Discrimination A Religious Freedom?

The United States is a great country because of its guarantee of religious freedom. The government will not tell you how to run your church, synagogue, temple, or mosque. If you want to set up a worship center to Cthulhu you can. Pastafarians can even have their driver's license picture taken with a colander on … Continue reading Is Discrimination A Religious Freedom?

Save the Children.

"Save the Children" is a frequent Fundagelical battle cry. Anita Bryant used it in her anti-gay campaign in the '70s and recently, it was resurrected as a battle cry against transgender bathroom use. The argument went something like this: some pervert can just put on a dress and walk into the woman's restroom while your … Continue reading Save the Children.

Why Fundagelicals Don’t Burn Books Anymore.

When was the last time you went to an old fashioned book burning? Maybe when Harry Potter first came out? Fundagelicals always loved them some good old fashioned bonfires to burn up ungodly stuff. In High School, I had a friend who burned his Queen albums several times. He would burn them, backslide, buy them … Continue reading Why Fundagelicals Don’t Burn Books Anymore.

Rock Music Is EVIL!!!

Sitting in chapel at my Christian school, I was guaranteed at least once a week to hear about the evils of rock music. Our school principal would get up on stage and in a loud booming voice declare "ROCK MUSIC IS EVIL, IT IS FROM THE PIT OF HELL, IT IS SIN, IT IS WRONG!" … Continue reading Rock Music Is EVIL!!!

Fundagelicals Aren’t Pro-life.

In the late 70s, abortion became the wedge issue Fundagelicals needed to create their political machine. They deemed themselves pro-life. Are they really? They claim they want to end the tragedy of abortions and have worked fervently to create state laws that limit abortions. They finance and support candidates that oppose abortion and often are … Continue reading Fundagelicals Aren’t Pro-life.