The Gospel For Dummies

I've looked at so many Gospel album covers I thought I'd die of vicarious polyester poisoning. I mean how many big hairdos and groups that can't count can you stand? I must have clicked some random link by mistake and came across a whole cache of Gospel albums featuring evangelist with their dummies. This is … Continue reading The Gospel For Dummies

Gospel Singers Can’t Count.

I always thought that Fundagelicals didn't like science because they read the Bible literally. That's why Fundagelicals believe humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time or that unicorns existed. However, I think that Fundagelicals don't like Science because it involves math and math is hard. Looking at these Gospel album covers makes me wonder … Continue reading Gospel Singers Can’t Count.

If you own one of these albums, you might be a Fundagelical

They came on busses and vans. They toured all over the country spreading Gospel music. They appeared on Sunday nights when preacher needed a break. They were someone's cousin. Most important- - - they had albums to sell! After every show the non-musical member of the family sat at the table in the back and … Continue reading If you own one of these albums, you might be a Fundagelical