Purity Culture and Fundagelicals

Fundagelicals love them some purity culture. They buy copies of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and purity rings. Youth groups have purity dances where young girls go with their father to the faux-prom, and everyone is supposed to save their first kiss for the person they marry. Purity culture has come under a lot of fire … Continue reading Purity Culture and Fundagelicals

God Ignores Our Prayers Because of Vaccines

Sometimes I read things that leave me mystified. I wonder if the people who say these things have any idea what message they are communicating about God. Today's journey into Fundagelical shame and smiting territory comes from Intercessors for America. On the surface, it is a website/ministry devoted to praying for our countries leaders. Praying … Continue reading God Ignores Our Prayers Because of Vaccines

Fundagelicals Aren’t Pro-life.

In the late 70s, abortion became the wedge issue Fundagelicals needed to create their political machine. They deemed themselves pro-life. Are they really? They claim they want to end the tragedy of abortions and have worked fervently to create state laws that limit abortions. They finance and support candidates that oppose abortion and often are … Continue reading Fundagelicals Aren’t Pro-life.