The mark of the beast and the internet

Hang on kids, I've stumbled onto another candidate for the mark of the beast. With so many conspiracy theories surrounding the number 666 circulating on the internet, is it any wonder that the World Wide Web itself might be considered the mark of the beast? Here's a handy graphic for you that I found on … Continue reading The mark of the beast and the internet

Christian Rock is Full of Paganism

What's a triquetra? You've probably seen one. They decorate Bible covers and other Jesus related merchandise. Here's a picture Most Christians take them as a symbol for the Trinity. They were adapted from Celtic designs and used to represent the trinity since the 19th century.  However, some Fundagelicals want to warn you of the dangers … Continue reading Christian Rock is Full of Paganism

Missed It By That Much.

I'm surfing the web every day following links to Fundagelical websites, and I admit, some of them are just weird. Today's website missed a golden opportunity. It's from Word of God International Ministries. They have put together an exhaustive list of sins. You can check to see if whatever you're doing is on the list. … Continue reading Missed It By That Much.

The Beast of Belgium

In 1976, Christian Life Magazine printed a scary article. In the article, they claimed that a supercomputer that took up an entire three-story building and was self-programmable was designed to track the buying and selling of every person on earth. This supercomputer was called "The Beast" and was located in a building at the headquarters … Continue reading The Beast of Belgium

VISA is the Mark of the Beast

In 1958, Bank of America started issuing credit cards with the name BankAmericard. In 1976, they changed the name to VISA to go international. The name VISA was chosen because it sounded the same in every language. In the late 1970's I receive a mimeographed paper explaining how the new VISA cards were the "Mark … Continue reading VISA is the Mark of the Beast


666! Is there a scarier number to fundagelicals? It is, after all, ┬áthe "Mark of the Beast."(Revelation 13:18) As I mentioned in a previous post, I was cleaning out my garage and found an old box of books. (I'll admit there are many old boxes of books out there.) Among the treasures hidden in the … Continue reading 666