The Racist Roots of Fundagelicals

White Nationalism is on the rise. Hate crimes have spiked. On April 18, 2019, a border militia group (Heavily armed men who were impersonating Federal officers), called the United Constitutional Patriots, stopped 200 immigrants crossing the border. One member of the United Constitutional Patriots was quoted, in the police report as says, "Why are we … Continue reading The Racist Roots of Fundagelicals

The Top 5 least effective methods of Evangelism.

Let's start at the bottom of the list and work our way up to the absolute least effective form of Evangelism. Number 5: Event Evangelism. "Discussion after" means sermon This is also known as bait and switch evangelism. Watch out for posters and flyers that say things like "Free Movie", "Free Concert", or "Mega Wild … Continue reading The Top 5 least effective methods of Evangelism.

The Gospel For Dummies

I've looked at so many Gospel album covers I thought I'd die of vicarious polyester poisoning. I mean how many big hairdos and groups that can't count can you stand? I must have clicked some random link by mistake and came across a whole cache of Gospel albums featuring evangelist with their dummies. This is … Continue reading The Gospel For Dummies

Fundagelicals love them some altar calls

I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church, and altar calls ended every sermon. As the choir decked out in their robes sang "Just as I Am" the preacher would ask if anyone wanted to come forward and receive Jesus. If there was anyone, they would be encircled by the churches elders or deacons who … Continue reading Fundagelicals love them some altar calls

Christian films are so bad!

I'm sorry to say that Fundagelicals who serve the God who can create the universe just can't seem to create a watchable film. You can cringe through A Thief in the Night, or sit stupefied by the weirdness of The Omega Code. Watch any Christian film and experience the disappointment that is total mediocrity fused … Continue reading Christian films are so bad!

Fundagelicals Love Them Some Church Planting.

"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you " (Matthew 28:19-20 KJV) Fundagelicals are big on missions and evangelism. They take the "Great Commission" seriously. Fundagelicals love home … Continue reading Fundagelicals Love Them Some Church Planting.

We Bring Jesus To You Just Don’t Bring Him Back

Fundagelicals love them some mission trips. Every summer, as a youth pastor, I took teens on youth mission trips to the Mexicali Valley. We would set up a week-long series of children's Bible studies, women's Bible studies, and evening church services in small villages. We worked with the local missionaries to preach the word of … Continue reading We Bring Jesus To You Just Don’t Bring Him Back

Please Persecute Me.

Fundagelicals love them some persecution. Of course, they aren't actually being persecuted. They love to believe they are being persecuted. In the same way, a wannabe hipster wears faux-vintage clothing, Fundagelicals dress in faux persecution to become wannabe martyrs. Since they aren't being fed to the lions anymore, they have to find new ways to … Continue reading Please Persecute Me.

Anti-LGBTQ-The Twisted World of Jack Chick

Jack Chick's first anti-LGBTQ tract was called "The Gay Blade" it was originally written in 1972 and later updated in 1984. It's currently out of print. The little pamphlet decries how gay activist have the nerve to demand equal rights! After all, in Chick's world, Christians should be able to discriminate against those they call … Continue reading Anti-LGBTQ-The Twisted World of Jack Chick

Phony Fundagelical Friendships

Bait and switch is a tried and true sales tactic. An item is advertised to draw a consumer in and then they are steered to a more expensive product. Fundagelicals have a similar bait and switch tactic called "Friendship Evangelism." As a member of a youth group I was taught how to use friendship evangelism … Continue reading Phony Fundagelical Friendships