Is 2020 the End?

Remember boys and girls, when the headline asks a question the answer is NO.  There are two predictions for the end of the world in 2019, June 19, 2019, and December 28, 2019. Of course, both of these predictions come from serial date setters who haven't been right yet but don't let that stop you … Continue reading Is 2020 the End?

June 19, 2019- The End of the World! (Again)

Ok, boys and girls; break out the tinfoil hats, a serial predictor of apocalyptic dates Ronald Weinland has a new book and a new date. Weinland claims to be God's prophetic spokesperson. In 2006 he claimed he was one of the two prophets predicted to appear during the end times in the book of Revelation. … Continue reading June 19, 2019- The End of the World! (Again)

The Beast of Belgium

In 1976, Christian Life Magazine printed a scary article. In the article, they claimed that a supercomputer that took up an entire three-story building and was self-programmable was designed to track the buying and selling of every person on earth. This supercomputer was called "The Beast" and was located in a building at the headquarters … Continue reading The Beast of Belgium

Are You Rapture Ready?

Growing up fundagelical, "The Rapture" was one of those topics I was taught and accepted but never questioned. (The Rapture for all you non-fundegelicals is when all the REAL Christians on earth will suddenly vanish. Think: Left Behind.) ¬†We all talked and argued about the Rapture. The big argument was whether the Rapture was going … Continue reading Are You Rapture Ready?

Scaring the Hell Out of Teenagers

Growing up fundagelical meant that our very progressive youth group used innovative new evangelism tools such as fire and brimstone sermons, Chick tracts, and Christian films. Christian rock music was still a sin. After all, the rhythm came from Africa and was designed to elicit a sexual frenzy. We couldn't have anyone rocking out to … Continue reading Scaring the Hell Out of Teenagers

Super Blood Wolf Moons and Prophecy

Excuse my rant here but, it's time to break out the tinfoil hats again. The newest end times sign is scheduled for January 20, 2019. This time it is a so-called "Super Blood Wolf Moon." Hot on the heels of 2015's eschatological nothingburger of blood moon tetrads comes another blood moon prophecy to provoke anxiety. … Continue reading Super Blood Wolf Moons and Prophecy