Miracle Water Experiment Update – The Water Is Here

Today I got a letter from Peter Popoff Ministries. I have taken pictures of everything and will include some of the highlights for you below. The opening line of the first page is "Ronald, our prayer center received your prayer request, and I have been praying on your behalf non-stop for you to be blessed … Continue reading Miracle Water Experiment Update – The Water Is Here

“Miracle Spring Water” Experiment Update

This is an update to the Miricle Experiment. You can read the original post here. This morning I received a text and was informed "I received your request for the Miracle Spring Water. It is on the way to you now! Check your mailbox in the next few days! I am praying for you." The … Continue reading “Miracle Spring Water” Experiment Update

Let’s Do An Experiment!

I was discussing faith healing with another ex-Fundagelical last week. That gave me the idea to write about some of the fraudsters who practice so-called "faith healing" and to write about the bad theology involved in the "word of faith" movement. As I was doing research, I came across a website that told me Peter … Continue reading Let’s Do An Experiment!