Christian Rock is Full of Paganism

What's a triquetra? You've probably seen one. They decorate Bible covers and other Jesus related merchandise. Here's a picture Most Christians take them as a symbol for the Trinity. They were adapted from Celtic designs and used to represent the trinity since the 19th century.  However, some Fundagelicals want to warn you of the dangers … Continue reading Christian Rock is Full of Paganism

Why Fundagelicals Don’t Burn Books Anymore.

When was the last time you went to an old fashioned book burning? Maybe when Harry Potter first came out? Fundagelicals always loved them some good old fashioned bonfires to burn up ungodly stuff. In High School, I had a friend who burned his Queen albums several times. He would burn them, backslide, buy them … Continue reading Why Fundagelicals Don’t Burn Books Anymore.

Rock Music Is EVIL!!!

Sitting in chapel at my Christian school, I was guaranteed at least once a week to hear about the evils of rock music. Our school principal would get up on stage and in a loud booming voice declare "ROCK MUSIC IS EVIL, IT IS FROM THE PIT OF HELL, IT IS SIN, IT IS WRONG!" … Continue reading Rock Music Is EVIL!!!