Mike Pence Promotes Christian Persecution Myth

Mike Pence recently gave the commencement speech at Liberty University. In his speech, he warned “Throughout most of American history; it's been pretty easy to call yourself Christian; it didn’t even occur to people that you might be shunned or ridiculed for defending the teachings of the Bible. But things are different now,” he continued, … Continue reading Mike Pence Promotes Christian Persecution Myth

Are Progressive churches heretical?

I'm continuing my series on the "dangers" of Progressive churches. The Fundagelical website crosswalk.com has created a list of five warning signs that your church might be getting progressive. I've covered the first two signs here and here, and today we look at the third sign. To quote Crosswalk, Essential Christian doctrines are open for … Continue reading Are Progressive churches heretical?

The Top 5 least effective methods of Evangelism.

Let's start at the bottom of the list and work our way up to the absolute least effective form of Evangelism. Number 5: Event Evangelism. "Discussion after" means sermon This is also known as bait and switch evangelism. Watch out for posters and flyers that say things like "Free Movie", "Free Concert", or "Mega Wild … Continue reading The Top 5 least effective methods of Evangelism.

Purity Culture and Fundagelicals

Fundagelicals love them some purity culture. They buy copies of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and purity rings. Youth groups have purity dances where young girls go with their father to the faux-prom, and everyone is supposed to save their first kiss for the person they marry. Purity culture has come under a lot of fire … Continue reading Purity Culture and Fundagelicals

Pray Away The Gay

Sixteen states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico all have bans on conversion therapy for minors. There's a reason for that. First it's damaging to the mental health of people who undergo it; second, it is denounced by psychiatrist, psychologist, and medical practitioners; third, it is not based in science and is nothing less … Continue reading Pray Away The Gay

Lies in the Name of God

Growing up Fundagelical, I was raised to be a culture warrior. I was told that American culture was sliding into depravity. Drugs, premarital sex, homosexuality, abortion, and attempts to remove God from our country must be fought. Every week in Christian school chapel and every Sunday at church, I was told about the evil liberals … Continue reading Lies in the Name of God

Save the Children.

"Save the Children" is a frequent Fundagelical battle cry. Anita Bryant used it in her anti-gay campaign in the '70s and recently, it was resurrected as a battle cry against transgender bathroom use. The argument went something like this: some pervert can just put on a dress and walk into the woman's restroom while your … Continue reading Save the Children.

United Methodist Not United Anymore

The Religious Right and the Religious Left were watching this week as United Methodist Church delegates met in St. Louis. Two critical issues topped the agenda for the denomination to decide. One was about pensions and the other about how the denomination would respond to LGBTQ people. The denominational delegates would decide if the UMC … Continue reading United Methodist Not United Anymore

Just because I oppress you is no reason to dislike me.

Amazon announced it would do an Anita Bryant movie written and directed by Lawrence Kasdan. Anita Bryant for the younger folk reading this was a 1970's religious right anti-gay rights activist. She had been a runner up in the in the Miss Oklahoma beauty pageant, charted a few songs as a singer and was the … Continue reading Just because I oppress you is no reason to dislike me.

Demons, Rock-n-roll, and Hollywood: A Fundagelical Conspiracy Trifecta!

Satan, rock-n-roll, and liberal Hollywood are three things Fundagelicals love to rant about. I grew up listening to my Southern Baptist preacher warn against the evils of rock-n-roll and attended a private Christian High School that warned about the demons infesting the music industry, movie industry, and Magic 8 Ball industry. Thanks to Right Wing … Continue reading Demons, Rock-n-roll, and Hollywood: A Fundagelical Conspiracy Trifecta!