Demon Possessed Robots- – – Oh My!

Sometimes, even I am amazed at how far down the religious right rabbit hole goes. I admit that I stop at some strange and bewildering websites created by wacky Fundagelicals, but Rick Wiles founder of TruNews has managed to dig the hole even deeper. Rick Wiles loves him some conspiracy theories. He's big on the … Continue reading Demon Possessed Robots- – – Oh My!

Why Fundagelicals Fear Peace

Most Fundagelicals are Dispensationalist. They read the book of Revelation literally and believe there is a planned timetable to the end of the world. Part of the doomsday scenario is the forming of a one world government and a one world religion. Fundagelicals interpret any attempt at nations working together as part of the end-times … Continue reading Why Fundagelicals Fear Peace

Bad Theology: Natural Disasters are God’s Judgement

A favorite Fundagelical narrative is that America has become more and more corrupt and as a result, God is judging us. Pat Robertson claimed that HIV and AIDS was God's judgment on the LGBT community. John Hagee claimed hurricane Katrina was God's judgment on New Orleans because they were planning a sinful homosexual parade. Currently, … Continue reading Bad Theology: Natural Disasters are God’s Judgement

The Beast of Belgium

In 1976, Christian Life Magazine printed a scary article. In the article, they claimed that a supercomputer that took up an entire three-story building and was self-programmable was designed to track the buying and selling of every person on earth. This supercomputer was called "The Beast" and was located in a building at the headquarters … Continue reading The Beast of Belgium

Magnetic Pole Shift Prophecy: Doomsday 12/28/19

Break out the tinfoil hats, its Fundagelical prophecy time again. This time around it's David Montaigne a self-proclaimed historian and prophecy expert. He has authored several prophecy books including Notrodamus World War III 2002 in which he predicted WWIII should start in late 2002. He also published The Two Witnesses of Revelation: Will Moses and … Continue reading Magnetic Pole Shift Prophecy: Doomsday 12/28/19