Why Fundagelicals Fear Peace

Most Fundagelicals are Dispensationalist. They read the book of Revelation literally and believe there is a planned timetable to the end of the world. Part of the doomsday scenario is the forming of a one world government and a one world religion. Fundagelicals interpret any attempt at nations working together as part of the end-times … Continue reading Why Fundagelicals Fear Peace

Bad Theology: Natural Disasters are God’s Judgement

A favorite Fundagelical narrative is that America has become more and more corrupt and as a result, God is judging us. Pat Robertson claimed that HIV and AIDS was God's judgment on the LGBT community. John Hagee claimed hurricane Katrina was God's judgment on New Orleans because they were planning a sinful homosexual parade. Currently, … Continue reading Bad Theology: Natural Disasters are God’s Judgement

Just because I oppress you is no reason to dislike me.

Amazon announced it would do an Anita Bryant movie written and directed by Lawrence Kasdan. Anita Bryant for the younger folk reading this was a 1970's religious right anti-gay rights activist. She had been a runner up in the in the Miss Oklahoma beauty pageant, charted a few songs as a singer and was the … Continue reading Just because I oppress you is no reason to dislike me.

Please Persecute Me.

Fundagelicals love them some persecution. Of course, they aren't actually being persecuted. They love to believe they are being persecuted. In the same way, a wannabe hipster wears faux-vintage clothing, Fundagelicals dress in faux persecution to become wannabe martyrs. Since they aren't being fed to the lions anymore, they have to find new ways to … Continue reading Please Persecute Me.