Sometimes it happens. I’m clicking around Religious Right websites, and I come across something so outlandish I think it must be satire. It’s sort of the opposite of Poe’s law. (Poe’s law states that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of the parodied views.) I experienced that yesterday when I stumbled on a sermon by some guy named Phil Kidd. I thought to myself; this has got to be a parody site.

After a little research, I found out that there is a real Rev. Phil Kidd. He’s the pastor at Emmaus Baptist Church in Mt. Carmel, TN.

He’s only been there three years and previous to that he was a traveling Evangelist. He’s part of the Independent Fundamental Baptist denomination. Watch the video below to see why I thought I was getting punked.

Hopefully, you caught all that; he’s not against vaccinations; he just wants them spaced out so that they kill the testosterone in little boys and get them all gender confused.

What gets me is the people who are saying “Amen” to this stuff. They are eating it up. Have we truly gotten to the point where we take medical advice from a shouting evangelist? The only evidence he gives to back up his statement that the germs and “immutations”(???) are killing off the testosterone in the boy’s body is that “He knows what he’s talking about.” I’m guessing he doesn’t. Fundagelicals are literally reveling in their ignorance and disdain for science and education.

While trying to figure out if this guy was real or some skit comedy character, I found one of his earlier sermons. I’ll go ahead and give a trigger warning here: this “sermon” is racist!

The best part of the sermon is he admits he wears panties. It is this kind of white nationalist, racist, Islamophobia, anti-LGBT rhetoric that is at the heart of the Religious Right movement. Jerry Falwell Sr. the founder of the Moral Majority, fought legal battles to keep his school segregated and white only.

The Religious Right has taken the message of Jesus, a message of love, grace, and inclusion and turned it into a twisted gospel of hate designed to justify bigotry. Of course, they tell you they are just speaking the truth and standing on Biblical truth.

How sad is it that this popular evangelist is so extreme that I thought it was a joke making fun of Fundagelical rubes. Even sadder are those who can’t see how twisted his message really is. I wonder, if Rev. Phil Kidd actually met Jesus, the dark-skinned Middle Eastern man, would he mock him? I doubt he would even recognize him. Kidd would probably have Jesus crucified for the soft, liberal, girlie message of love that he preached.