I stumbled upon a new website for prophecy prediction. This one is called 2043ad.com. It took me some time to figure out exactly what they were predicting. It took me even longer to figure out what group they represented. However, here it is, the Millennial reign of Christ will start in 2043.

Wait, what about the return of Christ and the Rapture? According to the website, Christ has already returned. The Parousia, the second coming of Christ, happened in 1874 CE. We are now, according to the website, living in the time period known as “The Harvest.”

What is the harvest? 2043ad says, “The ‘Harvest’ period, colored in green, is the period preceding the Millennium. This is the ending period of the present Gospel Age. “The harvest is the end [suntelia, ending period] of the age” (Matthew 13:39). During this time, Christ accomplishes four principal works.

(1)   Separating the wheat class, true Christians, from the tare class, through the “sickle” of Truth—an understanding of God’s Plan of the Ages.

(2)   Raising them to their heavenly reward with Christ. This began with the raising of the sleeping saints and continues throughout the harvest. Each member of the bride class is raised to heavenly life as he or she falls asleep in death.

(3)   Regathering the Israelites to their ancient land, in preparation for the Millennial Kingdom of Christ, which will begin at Israel and expand outward to the world.

(4)   Inaugurating a time of judgment. This includes a “time of trouble” unlike any before, starting with World War I, through to Armageddon, which will introduce the Millennium.

 The Harvest period commenced at the close of the 1335 years of Daniel 12:12. Comparing that prophecy with Luke 12:36-38, shows that this prophecy takes us to the second advent of Christ—his promised Parousia, or presence. During this harvest, Jesus is present, invisible to the world, supervising the close of this age, to prepare for the next. The apokalupsis, or revealing of Christ to the world, comes at the close of the harvest. He will revealed to the world through the judgments incident to Armageddon, the deliverance of Israel, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God at Jerusalem.”

In other words, Jesus came back, He’s invisible, and He’s supervising the preparation work for His Millennial reign.

When I read that, I thought I might be on a Seventh Day Adventist site. The Adventist came into existence after “The Great Disappointment of 1844.” I waded through several of the PDF files that offered an explanation of “The Stream of Time” and what I found was the same crazy obsession of trying to add and subtract dates based on mismatched Bible prophecies and revised historical dates.

I finally figured out that the site belonged to the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are an offshoot of Adventist and their Founder Charles Taze Russel was the assistant editor for the Adventist newspaper Herald of the Morning. Russel brought several Adventist ideas with him when he broke off from Adventism.

The underlying prophetic “key” is the idea that earth is young, and six thousand years will pass between creation and the millennial reign. Since the earth was created in six days, and based on a day equals 1,000 years (2 Peter 3:8) The millennial reign coincides with the seventh day that God rested.

All the rest of these websites, writing is a series of calculations showing that from the creation of Adam until the Year 2043 AD will equal 6,000 years. Interesting tidbit, according to the site, Adam was created in 3958 BC. (Bishop Usher had picked the date October 23, 4004 BC as the starting date for the Universe)

The anonymous creator goes through meticulous calculations for genealogies listed in the Bible, years of various kings reigns, and several calculations (using a 1 day = 1 year formula) to arrive at Adams birthday. Once he had Adam’s birthday, he just had to add 6,000 years to get to the millennial reign.

I hate to point out that when looking at Bible genealogy, sometimes generations were skipped. A grandfather might be listed as the father if he were more famous. I also hate to point out that the genealogies are inconsistent. The reigns of various kings (Babylonian, Greek, Persian, Roman, and Israelite) are all a bit uncertain.

Like most “Bible Prophecy” sites, this one takes different prophecies from unrelated books of the Bible and pieces them together like a jigsaw puzzle, and unfortunately, when a piece doesn’t fit, they alter it to fit.

Americans seemed obsessed with finding prophetic dates. The purpose of prophecy was always as a call to repentance. It wasn’t intended to predict dates. Too many people waste their time calculating dates instead of living their lives. It shifts the focus to getting ready for the end of the world instead of staying focused on building the Kingdom of God in this world. We end up so focused on the future we forget there is life to be lived here and now.

Put down your calculators and stop picking dates. Instead, focus on transforming yourself into the image of Christ.

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