Religious Right hate group One Million Moms, who have nowhere near a million followers, is at it again. This time they are organizing a boycott against Amazon-owned Whole Foods.  So far, they have 7.750 petition signers.

One Million Moms is mostly an outrage machine that decries everything. Their past moral outrage has targeted

Parents magazine for featuring a same-sex couple

Zales jewelry for featuring a lesbian couple in a commercial

An anti-smoking ad for mentioning erectile dysfunction

Fairy tale TV series Once Upon a Time for showing a lesbian kiss.

A Disney cartoon series for its brief scene of two men kissing

Highlights magazine for acknowledging the existence of gay people

Scholastic books for featuring LGBTQ-inclusive children’s books

The Roseanne reboot for featuring a non-binary child

Frito-Lay for their rainbow Doritos.

This time they are targeting Whole Foods for being a sponsor of Drag Queen Story Hour in Atlanta. The story hour, which is quite popular, is designed to get kids to read more. However, not quite a Million Moms writes, “Drag Queen Story Hours have been planned at local public and school libraries nationwide over the past year. The disturbing events involve men dressed up as garishly adorned women who read LGBTQ-themed books to young children under the guise of performing a public service. Some drag queens have admitted their goal is to ‘groom” the next generation.'”

In typical hate group fashion, One Million Moms implies that Drag Queens are grooming children. The term “grooming” is a term that means the action by a pedophile of preparing a child with the intention of committing a sexual offense. This is the familiar strategy used by hate groups to try and identify LGBTQ+ sexuality with pedophilia. Paul Cameron is the master of telling this kind of lie. It should come as no shock that One Million Moms is an offshoot of the hate group American Family Association. Their claim “some drag queens admit” is one of those red flags that make me wonder who? Some? How many? Who? Why aren’t they named? I hear the word “some,” and I think “we’re just making stuff up as we go along.”

Drag performances date far back in history. The ancient Greeks used male actors wearing masks who portrayed female roles. When medieval churches began to perform morality plays using the clergy, all the actors were male, as were the clergy, and female roles were portrayed by men in drag. Elizabethan theaters forbid female actors, so all of Shakespeare’s plays had the female roles done by men. Modern television and movies often portrayed men in drag. Milton Berle often dressed in drag on his TV show. Movies such as Some Like It Hot, Charlie’s Aunt, Tootsie, and Mrs. Doubtfire all portray men dressing in drag.

Today, drag continues in the theater. In the Christmas time tradition of England, theaters stage Pantos. These plays are based on classic fairytales and involve the juvenile lead, such as Aladdin, played by a girl and the Panto Dame to be played by a man.

So if drag has a long tradition in history, why is One Million Moms fear-mongering by connecting it to pedophilia? The answer is simple; that’s what hate groups do; they lie, slander, and demonize minority groups. There is a second reason; One Million Moms knows that they aren’t going to have any effect on Whole Foods; however, each of the 7.750 signers of the petition gave their address and email. You can bet that each of those 7,750 people will be inundated with solicitation for money. One Million Moms is nothing more than an outrage machine designed to harvest your address to solicit funds. There’s good money in hating other people.

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