Why do Fundagelicals want to control female sexuality? The answer is simple; men are fearful of their own lust and desire. Fundagelicals have flipped the script on the Christian life. rather than examining themselves and dealing with the lust in their own hearts, they have chosen to blame the women, and attempt to control them. Rather than remove the log from their own eye, they obsess about the speck in women’s eyes.

Fundagelicals control how women dress, who they talk to, their sexual activity, and reproductive self-determination.

Check out the control exerted in the following “modesty” guidelines.

Women are warned that their choice of attire will cause men to sin. Do you know what causes men to sin sexually? Their own lust and desire. maybe instead of trying to control women, Fundagelical men need a healthy lesson on understanding sex. Learning to deal with one’s own sexual desires works better than forcing other people not to “tempt” you. Humans can become tempted by anything. There are enough fetish sites online to prove that point. Somewhere out there, there are fetish sites for people sexually turned on by a ladies ankle. Other sites are full of pictures for guys turned on by ladies with big feet. I’m sure if I wanted to look, I could find a website devoted to guys turned on by ladies who dress in Victorian clothing and show not one inch of skin.

Someone right now is lusting over this lady’s hands

In my days at the private Christian school, the girls wore blue smocks that button to the neck and  extended six inches below the knees. Guys still got attracted to them even in the unflattering outfits. The problem isn’t in what ladies are wearing, its in men learning to deal with their own sexual feelings. Human beings are innately sexual creatures. The answer is in comprehensive sex education and a little practical advice about cold showers. It isn’t in controlling how other people dress.

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