What’s a triquetra? You’ve probably seen one. They decorate Bible covers and other Jesus related merchandise. Here’s a picture

Most Christians take them as a symbol for the Trinity. They were adapted from Celtic designs and used to represent the trinity since the 19th century.  However, some Fundagelicals want to warn you of the dangers of this “occult” symbol.

At the webpage Christian Rock Exposed, the authors of that website point out how the Christian Rock band P.O.D. (Payable On Death) are satanic occult agents. The reason why? Look at their cover art.

As Christian Rock Exposed explains, this is really the infamous 666 symbol.

This is a favorite tactic of Fundagelicals to discredit anything they want to deem un-Christian. All you need to do is find some pagan connection and you can “prove” the dreaded music/book/group is Satanic.

The only problem is that most the symbols used in Christianity are pagan in origin. Take the famous fish symbol. We call it an Ichthus.

Early Christians simply adapted a fertility symbol already in use to their own purposes. Christians have a long history of taking pagan symbols, dates, and festivals and repurposing them for their own use. The anchor, the fish, the cross, Easter, and Christmas, are all examples of repurposed pagan symbols and festivals.

What could be more Christian than taking something pagan and turning it to Christian use? I mean the very core of Christianity is about taking a bunch of sinners and turning them into saints. Christianity is a religion of reclamation. Look, if you don’t like something don’t try to discredit it by pointing out its pagan origins, if you do that, then there won’t be much left of Christianity. I’d kind of hate to lose that fertility festival celebrating life we call Easter.

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