I just read a great book by Jennifer Wright Knust called Unprotected Texts: The Bible’s Surprising Contradictions About Sex and Desire. In the introduction of the book Knust comments on Revolve a “Biblezine” for girls. A Biblezine is a specially printed Bible, usually, just the New Testament, printed to look like a magazine with covers and insert boxes that mimicked the look and feel of Seventeen or PC Gamer. It was another lame attempt by middle age white men trying to make the Bible “hip” and “cool” to the younger generation. Knust points out one suggestion to teenage girls that I just can’t pass by without comment. Revolve encourages girls to look pretty, but they must not be too sexy. After all, guys are turned on by what they see, and if girls are truly doing things for the love of God and others, they’ll be interested in helping boys not sin.

Here’s the problem with Fundagelicals: their view on sex is just all messed up. A bunch of old white advertising men got together to create “Godly” romance advice for teen girls and end up teaching drunken frat boy logic instead. In this Biblezine, they pin the responsibility for boys sinning on the girls. It was the girls’ fault that boys sin because they dressed too pretty! Apparently, the Bible scholars who put together this Biblezine never read Genesis chapter 3. In the story of the fall, the serpent tricks Eve and she and Adam eat the forbidden fruit. When God confronts them, Adam blames Eve. “The man said, ‘The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.’” (Genesis 3:12 NIV) God didn’t buy it. Guess who was held responsible for eating the fruit? Both Adam and Eve were held responsible for their part in the debacle.

It’s time for Cristian men to stop shifting blame to the women for the sexual feeling men get. First off, responding to a visual stimulus is normal. It’s what happens after the response that becomes important. I can look a woman I find attractive, but If I chose to stare, or fantasize, or allow lust to start creating fantasies in my head, that’s not the woman’s fault. It doesn’t matter how she was dressed. Lust and the sin that follows start in my head and heart not in her blouse.

In 2 Samuel chapter 13, the tragic story of Amnon and Tamar is told. Amnon thinks his half-sister Tamar is beautiful. It could have stopped there. But he dwells on her. His friends help him devise a scheme to get her. The story ends in her rape by Amnon. Was this Tamar’s fault? Of course, it wasn’t. Yet today, a pervasive Frat boy mentality pervades even Christianity itself in teaching us that women are responsible for men’s sexual sin. Apparently, testosterone is so powerful it can overcome the Holy Spirit, self-control and years of a man’s Christian training. It is time for Fundagelical men to take responsibility for their own sexual misconduct. Blaming the woman for causing you to sin is like blaming the alcohol for causing you to get drunk. Worse yet, men are teaching young girls this nonsense.

Jesus, protect us from your followers.

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