“Save the Children” is a frequent Fundagelical battle cry. Anita Bryant used it in her anti-gay campaign in the ’70s and recently, it was resurrected as a battle cry against transgender bathroom use.

The argument went something like this: some pervert can just put on a dress and walk into the woman’s restroom while your daughters are in there. Do you want that? It has all the necessary fear elements: perverts and danger to daughters.

I have decided to co-opt the “Save the Children” slogan. I think we need to save the children from Fundagelicals. We need to ban them from restrooms.

Back in December of 2018, OUT Magazine reported and unpleasant incident.

According to allegations released last week by the American Civil Liberties Union of West Virginia, Liberty High School assistant principal, Lee Livengood, is said to have barged in while 15-year-old Michael Critchfield was using the boys’ bathroom and demanded that he leave the stall and  “come out here and use the urinal” to prove he was really a boy. As Critchfield attempted to escape, Livengood allegedly blocked the bathroom doors and escalated, shouting “I’m not going to lie, you freak me out.” He continued to escalate asking him “what would happen” if a cisgender classmate thought he was “checking him out” and screaming at him so loudly that Critchfield’s fellow students said they could hear him in their classrooms.

First off, this man is dangerous. He shouldn’t be following any students into the restroom. Demanding to see a boy pee at a urinal to prove he is a boy is harassment and sexual assault. The fact that this incident happened between a minor child and an adult authority figure makes it even worse.

Let me be clear if you think the need to police the bathroom is so great that you start sexually harassing transgender teens; YOU ARE SICK!

The Principal received a four-day suspension when he should have been fired. Let’s save our children from sexual harassment by sick predators like Livengood, who think religion gives them the right to scar a vulnerable teen emotionally. We should pass legislation banning Fundagelicals from bathrooms. They seem to care just a little too much about what goes on in there for me.

I’d hate to have some crazy Fundagelical follow me into the bathroom and ask me to come out of a stall so he can watch me pee standing up. Worse, imagine some Fundagelical dressing up in the facade of religious liberty barging into bathrooms all across America demanding to watch how children pee. What if it were your son or daughter being forced to display Fundagelical approved behavior?

I’ll share something with you; transgender people don’t go into restrooms to spy on our children. They go in to eliminate bodily waste.  Here’s another little tidbit of truth, you’ve probably already been in a public restroom with a transgender person and didn’t even know it. Do you know why you didn’t know it? Because you were both just taking care of business. When you mind your own business, everything goes smooth. It’s when you start caring about other people’s bathroom business that you cross the line.

Fundagelicals are the ones who go into the restroom to watch people and sexually harass them. Fundagelicals, consider yourselves banned from restrooms until you learn not to harass people sexually. Leave our kids alone!

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