Sometimes, even I am amazed at how far down the religious right rabbit hole goes. I admit that I stop at some strange and bewildering websites created by wacky Fundagelicals, but Rick Wiles founder of TruNews has managed to dig the hole even deeper.

Rick Wiles loves him some conspiracy theories. He’s big on the apocalypse and swears it’s imminent any day now. However, last year he clutched his pearls in alarm because a computer was taught how to play Texas Hold ‘Em. Was he opposed to the gambling? No, he was upset because the game could beat human players. Wiles logic goes like this:

  1. Texas Hold ‘Em requires bluffing.
  2. Bluffing is lying.
  3. Satan is the Father of lies.
  4. Therefore, the computer is connected to Satan somehow.

I hope the connection isn’t WiFi; It’s hard to get a good signal in hell.

Since the computer is connected to Satan, soon we will bebuilding a giant “global brain” that Satan can use to take over the world. People will be replaced by robots. These robots will be demon possessed. You would think that at some point someone should be shouting “Ah dude,you had me up to that point, but come on demon posses robots.” Seriously,Wiles’ crazy SciFi theory can’t stop at killer robots and be happy- – – oh no,he needs DEMON POSSESSED ROBOTS!

Did we fall down the rabbit hole far enough? Nope. Wiles doesn’t want to skip over his favorite topic, which is predicting World WarIII, so he suggests that all those workers, displaced by demon-possessed robots,will just be extra unemployed mouths to feed. The “deep state” isplanning on a global war to kill off those extra workers.

Nice job Rick, you got Satan, demons, technology, World WarIII, the apocalypse, the deep state, and Texas Hold ‘m all rolled together in on conspiracy theory. That is some mighty fine Fundagelical crazy you got there.

To summarize, a computer programmed to play Texas Hold ‘Em leads to World War III and the death of millions, AND there are DEMON POSSESSED ROBOTS! This is direct to video,low-budget, Sci-Fi movie waiting to happen. I’m guessing The Asylum, makers of Sharknado, will produce and Alan Smithee will direct.

Here’s my problem with Religious Right nut jobs like Wiles who spend all their time on apocalyptic predictions: It scares people and cons them out of their money. Wiles makes money peddling these doom and gloom predictions. When will rational Christians stand up and say “Hey don’t give that huckster your money, go feed a hungry person.” American religion has had the apocalypse on the brain since 1844 and it’s time to put an end to it. All of this apocalyptic prophecy nonsense does nothing to make us more Christ-like, and it promotes fear over hope. For a group of people that defend the Bible so strongly as “The Word” of God, why don’t they follow the word and love their neighbor rather than scaring them to death with DEMON POSSESSED ROBOTS?

Am I demanding too much to ask what verse of the Bible contains DEMON POSSESSED ROBOTS?

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