OK, I thought when I came across a website claiming that Satan was going to use a great “Global Brain” to take over the world and he would use demon possessed robots to help him that I had come upon a one-off website in the fringe of right-wing lunacy. I was wrong. Apparently, there are lots of people who believe that demons are going to possess the robots of the future.

Behold! Pastor Rick Bowen of Victory Temple Church in Muncie Indiana also believes that the future will be inhabited by demon-possessed robots.

Bowen is alarmed by how real robots are becoming. He cites the new sex robots that are realistic right down to their genitalia. He says,

Those that have been in the occult or have dealt in demonology are aware of the concept of demons being disembodied spirits and thus looking to inhabit a body. This concept is quite common. Some have been aware of poltergeists and how they have tormented and caused fear to paralyze the victims. These “spirits” have inhabited rooms and inanimate objects. So it stands to reason that if a “robot” is made to be more “human” that devious and nefarious spirits would at the least consider using them, if not inhabiting them, for their ulterior and evil purposes.

“Those who have been in the occult or have dealt in demonology.” I become suspicious when someone appeals to supposed experiences of unnamed sources. Who exactly is making these claims that disembodied spirits seek to inhabit a body? Excuse me for being skeptical, but I’ like references and some peer-reviewed research on this.

Recently there was a slew of movies made from stories told by Ed and Lorraine Warren. The only problem with these supposed demonologists is that the only support for their wild claims is their equally wild stories. Christians have been gobbling us this stuff for too long. Supposed experts in the occult who claimed to be high ranking witches, warlock and satanic high priest have been exposed as frauds. (Doreen Irvine, Mike Warnke, John Todd to name a few.)

I can guess the book that the supposed experts in occult and demonology are quoting from. Most likely it is the granddaddy of them all Pigs in the Parlor by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond. They wrote the book in 1973 and every book on deliverance ministry I have seen after that date seems to crib notes from them. If you read the book, no evidence is given other than their testimony.

So there you have it, demons want to inhabit something, a body, a room, an object, or a sex robot. This is passed off as common knowledge with no support to the claim. Sorry, I don’t buy it. It just isn’t reasonable.

Pat Robertson claimed that demons might be inhabiting clothes you buy secondhand from a thrift store so you might want to cast them out before you bring them home. What is the evidence he gives? He heard a story.

I heard a story once about a guy who got rich helping a Nigerian prince transfer funds. Maybe I should answer that email.

Christians, let’s start being skeptical. God has given us brains, and we need to use them. Before you go buy a book on deliverance or pay some huckster a hefty fee to perform an exorcism don’t you think you should ask yourself why? If you are doing it because some TV preacher told you that you might be demonized and are afraid, remember this: fear motivates you to buy their books and videos.

According to Breakers Ministry,

Since demons are spirits, they are air.  Therefore, any way that your body dispels air can be a manifestation.  Excuse me for being crude but, they can come out by belching, farting, itching/scratching, tingling, yawning, coughing, tearing, ears popping, eyes blinking, and body discharge (usually for sexual demons).  Sometimes but NOT ALWAYS, there may be a purging, foaming at the mouth, body parts stiffening or loud yelling. 

So instead of a high price exorcism, a low priced meal at Taco Bell may produce the same effect.

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