I’m surfing the web every day following links to Fundagelical websites, and I admit, some of them are just weird. Today’s website missed a golden opportunity. It’s from Word of God International Ministries.

They have put together an exhaustive list of sins. You can check to see if whatever you’re doing is on the list. I’m sure that no matter what you are doing you can find an item on the list that applies.

The usual suspects are there; gluttony, vain babbling, and backbiting. However, there are some I had to look up. “Faith like a wave” had me mystified until I checked the reference chart. If you want to see the whole list, here it is a SIN LIST. I’ll wait for you to get back. . .

Back? Here’s the missed opportunity, if you noticed the sin list was numbered. It had a list of 667 sins. Someone needs a lesson in marketing. They need to drop or combine a sin to get to the magical 666! That’s a great sin list with an anti-Christ chaser.

Oh well, missed it by that much.