Satan, rock-n-roll, and liberal Hollywood are three things Fundagelicals love to rant about. I grew up listening to my Southern Baptist preacher warn against the evils of rock-n-roll and attended a private Christian High School that warned about the demons infesting the music industry, movie industry, and Magic 8 Ball industry. Thanks to Right Wing Watch, I got to see some Fundagelical nut case hit the trifecta of Satan, rock-n-roll, and Hollywood all in one rant.

Chris McDonald, who according to his LinkedIn page, is the host broadcaster at the McFiles Radio broadcast and is looking for an entry-level job in Pharmaceutical Industry and or Insurance Adjusting field provides the rant. Let’s hope he finds that entry-level job because his news program is whack! (Wait do the kids still say that?)

Here’s his trifecta rant in a nutshell. Lady Gaga, who performed a satanic summoning ritual at the super bowl halftime show, was launched to stardom in the movie “A Star is Born.” The satanic Hollywood pedophiles with the help of demons are making her a star. His guest Tiffany Fitzhenry, a fellow conspiracy nutter who offers no evidence except smirks, smiles, and knowing nods, points out there are no coincidences and that the title “A Star is Born” is the proof that Satan is backing Lady Gaga’s career.

Let’s look at their argument. Lucifer was called the morning star. Therefore, the movie title is praising Satan and making a star of Gaga. A satanic star is born! (Please take a moment to quietly panic and retweet) By this logic, Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland, and Barbara Streisand are equally products of the vast satanic conspiracy since each of them starred in a previous version of “A Star is Born” in 1937, 1954 and 1976 respectively. I have a hard time believing that the fourth remake of a movie is evidence of the satanic-rock-n-roll-Hollywood-Illuminati-pedophile-liberal conspiracy. I think its evidence that Hollywood just keeps recycling the same ten movies.

Let us consider all the other movies with the word “star” in their tiles; maybe we can find a Satan connection with them. Star Wars (1977), Star Trek (1996), The Cowboy Star (1936), The Baseball Star From Bingville (1911) or how about Rainbow Brite and Star Stealer (1985) that should help demonology conspiracy nutters fit in an LGBTQ angle, I mean it says “Rainbow” in the title. It’s a kids cartoon so that should help slip in the pedophiles too.

I like what one commenter had to say about the Right Wing Watch video clip, “Wait a minute – Donald Trump has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so by this cutting edge rationale: (Star=Satan) + (Hollywood=Satan’s Lair) = Donald Trump must be the Antichrist?”

Fundagelicals eat up this conspiracy nonsense. It fits their worldview and confirms what they want to believe. Generations of people raised in Fundagelical bubbles of churches, church-run schools, homeschooling, and carefully curated media content have lost the ability to see this for what it is: the twisted logic of conspiracy theory hucksters.

They sell the fear of anyone outside their Fundagelical group. Anyone who doesn’t think Fundagelical, teach and preach Fundagelical, is one of “THOSE PEOPLE.” Of course, by my scoffing at their conspiracy, it just means I’m part of it too. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait for my call to star in the next remake of “A Star is Born.”

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