I always thought that Fundagelicals didn’t like science because they read the Bible literally. That’s why Fundagelicals believe humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time or that unicorns existed. However, I think that Fundagelicals don’t like Science because it involves math and math is hard. Looking at these Gospel album covers makes me wonder how many of these kids were homeschooled.

Either this group can’t count to three or only three of them happy. In either case, there are seven people on the cover. Maybe Gospel singers are like rabbits. In Watership Down, rabbits can only count to five and anything after that is just a “fiver.” Maybe they reproduce like rabbits. Are Gospel singers rabbits in disguise?

Trio might be a difficult word. This group gets a little closer to three and only shows six people on the cover. I was trying to figure out if it was the two women or four men that made up the trio. Luckily, they tell us it’s Johnnie, Wayne and Mary. I’m guessing the other three are Bob, Ted, and Alice. The Johnnie Phillip’s cover band.

They’re getting closer! This time it’s down to five. They were “Clinging to a Saving Hand” and forgot to let go. Maybe it’s the three in the middle posing with their bodyguards.

Last time I checked, the word quartet meant four. Who’s the extra guy? Why are three of them smoking. Please don’t make me listen to bluegrass. Were you guys in that movie Deliverance?

OK, the name of the group uses the number four! Rose of Sharon sounds like a girl’s name but there are only three girls. There are four guys but I can’t believe they would call themselves Rose of Sharon. There are seven people on this cover! Did you add three girls or subtract one girl then add four guys? Show your work people.

New rule for all Fundagelicals, if you can’t count to four, then you can’t comment on global warming.

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