So, you want to be a deliverance minister. What does it take? What’s required? I bet you think it requires a special calling from God, special spiritual gifts, a seminary degree, and probably an internship with an experienced deliverance minister. Nope. All it takes is your desire and payment of a fee. You can enroll in several online courses and become a deliverance minister. That’s right; you too can diagnose demon possession or oppression and start casting out demons after just a few lessons.

Maybe you want to enroll in Bob Larson’s International School of Exorcism. Is it accredited? Of course not. What do those secular Universities like Harvard, Yale, and Oxford know about spiritual matters? Church-run religious schools are allowed to award religious degrees, and they are not regulated by the government. Will any legitimate organization accept your certificate or degree? Of course not.

Bob Larson started his career in the 1960s as an anti-rock ‘n roll evangelist. He had his own radio call-in show where he would preach the evils of rock bands. He allowed callers to call in and ask questions and debate. Every show some caller would get saved. During the Satanic panic of the 1980s, Bob turned his attention to Satanism and the New Age Movement. Finally, Bob started doing on-air exorcisms on his radio show. Bob’s show was eventually canceled; he has fought off allegations of financial mismanagement and affairs with female staff members. However, he has opened his own church in Scottsdale, Arizona! It’s called Spiritual Freedom Church where he runs workshops, seminars, and a school for deliverance ministers. Check out Bob’s commercial.

At the International School of Exorcism, which would be a great name for a garage band, you can obtain three levels of certificates: Apprentice, Warrior, and Exorcist! Bob is running a special on all three levels. For only $500 you can become an exorcist! Bob also points out that PayPal will finance you if you need it.

By the way, if you need advanced training, Bob has you covered.

It’s only $1,000 more!

Here let’s watch Bob in action casting out a demon. Don’t you want to do this?

Maybe you are thinking to yourself that Bob’s exorcist and advanced training are just too much work for your busy schedule. Fear not, Degraw Ministries has you covered. Kathy Degraw is the founder of the ministry and bills herself as an Apostle. She also claims that she is a prophetic spiritual warfare strategist. Her theological background is in the “Word of faith” movement. The word of faith movement believes that everything is made of faith. Faith, in their belief, is an actual substance. Think of faith like cosmic playdough. We use our words to shape faith into what we want. If you need a new car, just create it with faith by naming and claiming it. She also believes that demons and God himself can’t act without our permission, so we have to speak out what we want.

If what you want is to become a deliverance minister, Degraw has the short route for you. You can do deliverance ministry training in 3days and inner healing ministry in 4-5 days.

You can check out Kathy explaining how demons enter Christians in the video below.

If you like her teaching style, and just don’t have time for Bob Larson’s longer training, pony up $500, and you can get your certificate!

Still too long or too expensive? Try the Deliverance Ministry Boot Camp offered by Above and Beyond Counseling Academy. They offer 7 hours of online video training with PowerPoint presentations! You also get a training manual. All this for only $243.

Of course, if you want a certificate of completion, signed by a ministry leader, you need to take and pass the test. That’s only $57 more. Grand total: $300.

Think about it, folks; we are raising up a whole army of Deliverance Ministers. The demons must be quaking in their pointy-toed boots. Of course, I feel bad for the first Deliverance Minister who tries to cast a demon out of some violent schizophrenic armed with nothing more than a certificate of completion from an online school.

Luckily, Bob, has us covered; he’ll sell you your very own cross of deliverance! It’s only an extra $100.

Remember, sheep need to be fleeced.

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