Ok this week we’ve been looking at demons, demon possession, demon oppression, and deliverance ministry. Too serious!! It’s time to take a break with the top 5 worst jokes about demons.

Starting at the bottom and working up:

Q: What do demons do to stay in shape?

A: The exorcise a lot.

Technically wouldn’t that be they get exorcised a lot?

Q: What did the demon do when he got a new house?

A: Had a house burning party.

That must be why they are always looking for people to move into.

Q: Why didn’t the demon slurp his food?

A: Because then he would be a goblin.

Wait wouldn’t he be a slurping?

Q: When do demons eat dinner?

A: At 6:66 pm.

A beastly time to eat.

And the worst joke?

Q: What do demons eat for breakfast?
A: Deviled eggs.

I was going to say spam.