E.W. Jackson is the walking personification of what you get when you mix the Religious Right with right-wing politics. Jackson is the pastor of Exodus Faith Ministries in Chesapeake, VA. He has tried to run for several political posts, most recently as U.S. senator for Virginia in 2018, all unsuccessfully.  

Jackson, in his unsuccessful bid for Lt. Governor, was upset that people were judging him by what he had said as a pastor. He claimed he was being attacked and marginalized for speaking his religious views. What  religious views did the good people of Virginia dislike? His obsession with the LGBT community and his constant attacks which demonizing and denigrating the community.

So, is it any wonder that this failed political candidate and Fundagelical preacher has issues with Pete Buttigieg? Jackson is ranting that Buttigieg is going to die and go to hell because he is gay. Jackson is upset that Buttigieg talks about his faith as a Christian and how his marriage made him a better man. Jackson, of course, calls Buttigieg’s statements lies from the pit of hell. He accuses Buttigieg of blaspheming God for giving credit to God for the Devil’s work.

I guess that someone needs to point out the obvious here; Jackson is attacking and attempting to marginalize Buttigieg for speaking his religious views. The very thing Jackson claimed people shouldn’t do.

Jackson personifies the persecution complex of all Fundagelicals. They are allowed to spew forth vile attacks against everyone else, but they are not allowed to be criticized in return. Any pushback to their point of view is considered a direct attack against God, an attack against Christianity, and persecution against the church. After all, they are just speaking the truth in love when they suggest that anyone different from them should be considered blasphemers, heretics, and hell-bound sinners.

There is a reason that Pastor Jackson lost three times, he’s a bigot. He may have gathered a bunch of other bigots together as a church, but most people don’t think it’s right to discriminate. Discriminating and oppressing minorities in the name of God may be his “truth,” but it certainly isn’t the truth taught by Jesus.

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