Every year the Fundagelicals proclaim that leftists, liberals, and atheists have declared “war on Christmas.” If it isn’t outrage over Starbucks cups, then its someone saying “Happy Holidays” that triggers them. Fundagelicals invented a war on Christmas so that they can practice faux martyrdom and fundraise to fight back the evil forces that would take their privilege away.

Right Wing Watch tweeted a clip in which Bakker claims that Christmas might become illegal and that they (leftist) had already tried to outlaw it. He then tells the story of going to a store in Branson, Mo. and the greeter had to say, “Happy holidays.” Because as the supposed greeter informed Bakker, it was illegal to say “Merry Christmas.”

It’s not the first time Bakker has told this lie,

Bakker continues to say that his viewers called to complain and praise God; the store changed its policy. He also gives thanks to Donald Trump for making it OK to say Merry Christmas again.

Yep, Bakker has FMS. That’s False memory syndrome people. Never has it been illegal to say Merry Christmas. If any city or state would pass such a law, you can imagine the First Amendment case that would hit the courts. In fact, the ACLU would probably be the first to file the case. It might have been store policy for greeters to wish people “happy holiday,”, but a store policy is far different from a law.

So, Bakker has told this lie so many times that he’s created a false memory. He’s attempting to change facts by repeating the lie over and over so his develop false memories. As for praising Trump for having the courage to stand up to evil liberals and actually say “Merry Christmas” the YouTube video below is a reality check for Fundagelicals suffering FMS.

Is acknowledging the other holiday celebrations of other faith traditions truly a war on Christmas? If I say Happy Hanukkah am I attacking Christianity or just following through on the Golden Rule? If I tell a Starbucks barista that my name is Merry Christmas to force them to call it out am I really ministering the love of Christ or Just being a jerk?

Fundagelicals love war imagery and constantly proclaim they are at war. Declaring war allows them to act badly and justify their behavior. I find this war mentality full of cognitive dissonance because when God came in the person of Jesus, He was proclaimed the Prince of Peace. So, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, go ahead and arrest me.

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