Dear Fundagelical Church,

It’s never easy trying to say all the things you need to say when you’re breaking up. But, I need to say them. We’ve been together for a long time. I can still remember playing in the church pre-school playground. Wow, what great times those were. We had so many good times! I remember all the Bible stories that taught me how to be a Christian. I can remember years later when you taught me how to read and how to read the Bible. You taught me so much.

You taught me always to tell the truth even if it cost me personally. You taught me to defend the weak and oppressed. You gave me a deep respect for the Bible and helped me find my talents and gifts. I can definitely say that without you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

We both know things changed. I changed, and so did you. I moved from a young Christian who believed everything you said into a mature Christian who took his faith and the Bible seriously. I studied to show myself approved and dove deep into the Word of God. I committed and re-committed my life to Jesus and developed a hunger to be more like Him every day. I wanted more than anything to love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, and mind. I wanted to love my neighbor as myself. I wanted to be what you taught me to be.

Unfortunately, you changed too. You seem to love the nation “America” more than Jesus. You seem to worry about making America Great, and if that means doing things, Jesus told us never to do, that’s OK.

Some widows and orphans needed food, and you supported taking away their food stamps. You didn’t even offer to step in and feed them. What happened to the Deacons from Acts?

Refugees were fleeing devastating wars and war crimes, and you said to shut the borders and not take them in. When I pointed out the obligation that we have to welcome strangers in our land, you dismissed me by saying that was Old testament stuff and didn’t apply. That’s when I began to notice that all that Old Testament stuff is selectively used. You don’t have to welcome strangers, but at the same time, homosexuality is supposedly condemned.

Since we’re on the topic of homosexuality, you taught me to respect the Word of God; you taught me how to do proper exegesis. Yet, when we get to this one topic with so few verses that MIGHT pertain to it, adequate exegesis disappears, and the Bible is used disrespectfully.

The poor are being oppressed, and justice isn’t in our court system. I stand and speak out as you taught me, but you tell me not to question God or the Church.

I’m sorry, but you have changed too much. We are on different paths. I’m chasing after Jesus and trusting in Him; you are chasing after political position and have sold your very souls to get it.

I just can’t do it anymore. I know you will be angry. You’ll probably tell people that I’ve “backslidden” or that I’ve been deceived by one of those liberal progressive churches, heck you might even say that I’m demon-possessed, but no matter what you call me, I’m still leaving. I can’t stay to prevent your anger. I finally learned that it is nothing but abusive control.

I had a very long talk with Jesus, and he told me it was OK. He had left you years ago. So, we’re good. I think it’s best if we don’t see each other for a while, we stopped communicating years ago anyway.

All the best,

A Follower of Christ.

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