In San Diego County, CA, there is a small town that has been called “A Midwestern town in the heart of California.” The article describing it is a masterful job describing a quiet little bedroom community of San Diego. This supposed idyllic community is named Santee. However, it goes by another name, “Klantee.” It’s had that nickname since the 1990s as White supremacist activities have become more blatant.

Recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, as citizens have been encouraged to wear masks, members of Klantee showed their true, White Supremacist, colors.

The first incident reported on May 5, 2020 was a man walking through the local Vons wearing a KKK hood.

The man wearing the Klan hood will not be charged with a crime and was later quoted as saying, “Wearing the hood was not intended to be a racial statement. It was a mask, and it was stupid.”

Let that sink in for a second; this man claims that wearing a KKK hood is not a racial statement. According to him, wearing part of the uniform of a group known for lynching African-Americans isn’t a “racial statement”? He is wearing the symbol of a racist hate group, and he wants us to believe it isn’t a racial statement. He claims it was just a mask, and it was stupid.

I’m sorry, it may have been stupid, but your stupidity doesn’t make it any less of a racial statement. Here’s a question no one seems to be asking: Where did this “stupid” person get his hands on a KKK hood so readily? Why does he even have such a thing? Even owning or having access to a KKK hood is a racial statement.

Not wanting to miss out on the public display of racism, a man and his wife were photographed at the local Food4Less wearing swastika facemasks.

One of the shoppers, Dustin Hart, claims he was protesting Gavin Newsom’s lockdown orders and comparing him to a fascist. This “excuse” doesn’t seem to hold up since the man posted a video of himself doing this on BitChute, a platform serving far-right extremist, alt-right, and white supremacists that have been banned or demonetized on other platforms. Again, we have a symbol of racism and hate being displayed with a lame excuse offered to deflect the backlash. Where did this guy get a swastika mask? How come he has one handy?

The swastika is a symbol of extreme hatred and racism. In modern-day society, it carries no other meaning than that. It was, is, and always will be a symbol of racism. If you display one, you are racist. Period!

While we are at it, let’s talk about Confederate flags. Oh yes, I know some of you are waving “Dixie Flags” because of the “heritage” of the South. Stop trying these inane excuses. The heritage any of these flags carry is racism. It remembers a time when White people could own Black people. It recalls a time of slavery, one of the evilest intuitions in the world.

Let’s be clear; you have a right to free speech that allows you to wear and display these hateful symbols. You can wear your Klan hood, display your swastika, and wave your confederate flags; however, the only statement you are making is that you are racist. There is no other statement that goes with those symbols.

You can claim to be stupid, but if you are wearing a Klan hood, then you are stupid and racist. As a pastor, let me remind you that if you are racist, you should not call yourself a Christian. The whole point of Christianity is to transform into the image of our founder, a Middle-Eastern Jew.  

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