Sandy Rios is angry. She has just figured out that when people criticize White Nationalism, they are speaking in code. She’s figured out the code, and now she is spilling the beans.

Sandy Rios works for known hate group the American Family Associations as governmental affairs director. She’s a Fox News contributor, and radio talk show host.

In 2017, Rios complained that the term alt-right, a term invented by White Supremacist, was actually invented by Liberals to denigrate those who “pray in the name of Jesus.”

Her current rant complains that when people speak out about White Nationalism, they aren’t talking about white supremacy, they are attacking conservative Christians.

Is this a moment of self-awareness for Rios? Did she finally figure out that the religious Right was founded on racist ideals, and the Moral Majority was founded to promote segregationist schools? Did she figure out that Religious Right figures like Rick Wiles spouting ant-Semitic conspiracy theories might look a little racist? Maybe it was when her organization, the American Family Association started selling burning crosses as Christmas gifts right after Obama became president.

Yes, Sandy, sadly nowadays when we talk about White Supremacist, we are talking about the Religious Right. However, we are not talking about those who “pray in the name of Jesus.” To pray in the name of Jesus means to pray according to His will and to pray in a manner consistent with His character. I don’t think it is either Jesus’ will or within His character to pray for a resurgence of the KKK.

Sandy, if you feel like people talking about White Nationalist are talking about the Religious Right, just remember if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and sounds like a duck. . . it’s a duck.

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