One thing you can say about John Hagee; he never lets all his previous incorrect prophecy books prevent him from writing and selling a new one. You would think after his whole “Four Blood Moons” fiasco, he would avoid writing on end-time topics, but you would be wrong. Hagee has turned writing about end-time scenarios into a money-making machine for himself.

Hagee is a big-time dispensationalist. He follows a system of prophetic interpretation that was unknown to the Jewish prophets, unknown to Jesus, unknown to the apostles, unknown to the early church fathers, and unknown until the 19th century. It depends on three key points, that prophecy is futuristic and has not already been fulfilled, that prophecies should be read literally and not symbolically, and that prophecy fits together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Dispensationalism does violence to prophetic writings. It takes verses out of context and attempts to fit them into a pre-made roadmap. Writers like Hal Lindsey and John Hagee have been updating their end-time predictions regularly as the world keeps spinning, and technology keeps improving. In my lifetime, I’ve seen the Mark of the Beast change from a tattoo to a bar code to a RFID chip. I’ve seen the anti-Christ’s identity change from Sadat to Obama with dozens of political leaders in between.

In Hagee’s new book, he apparently can’t help himself and writes a political hit piece to demonstrate how we must be in the end times. In Chapter 12 of his new book, Earth’s Last Empire, he writes,

“Since November 2016, television, newspapers, and social media outlets have paraded headlines screaming about the Russian hijacking of the US presidential election. Further headlines revolved around the FBI, the Obama Department of Justice, and the Clinton campaign colluding against President Trump in his presidential campaign. ost recently, there are allegations of the Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). With the fake news environment that encompasses the world today —— who the players are in these alleged events and where these assertions will lead— God only knows.

As truths are exposed, America appears to have a shadow government within our democratically elected government committed to bringing down the current administration. By any other definition, this is an act of treason.”

Let’s give Hagee a little credit here, he didn’t attempt to twist scripture and proof-text his assertion with a cherry-picked out of context verse, but he does regurgitate Republican talking points and quote Q-anon conspiracy theories. The question is: what’s this nonsense doing in a book of prophecy?

The answer is: it caters to the people who buy the book. Dispensationalism and end time paranoia has been used by the religious Right to keep people fearful. Liberals, democrats, and any leader who doesn’t toe the Fundagelical line are PROOF! JESUS is COMING BACK SOON!!! The END IS NEAR!!!! HOW CAN THE WORLD GET WORSE!?? LIBERALS ARE SATANIC!!

Hagee writes in chapter fourteen, “Man has been anticipating the end times for centuries, yet never before have so many prophetic events been fulfilled leading to the rapture of the Church, the appearance of the Antichrist, and the second coming of Christ to the earth.” I guess Hagee needed to lampshade that he is selling the same old song and dance. NEVER BEFORE IN HISTORY. . . HAVE SO MANY PROPHETIC EVENTS. . . Give it a rest people; I’ve heard that since the 70s. Let me fix that sentence for you; never before have so many people guessed so wrong and attempted to cast current events as prophecies.

I find Hagee’s book to be nothing more than regurgitated and rewritten dispensational nonsense that has appeared in hundreds of books like his since the 19th century. The only thing he adds is blatant political propaganda.

By the way, the book sells for $24.99; whoever owned it before me paid the discounted price of $17.48, and I bought it used for $2.00. That’s an appropriate price for recycled doggeral.

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