The current buzz making the rounds of internet bloggers and religious commentators is Benny Hinn’s supposed rejection of the prosperity gospel. On September 2, 2019, Hinn during a Facebook Livestream announced he was done with the prosperity gospel and had changed his theology. You can watch the Livestream in the video below with Hinn’s denouncement of the prosperity gospel beginning at the 1:21:00 mark.

Although many people are praising Hinn for his denouncement, skeptics are wondering how sincere his “repentance” over his false theological teaching really is. Hinn had made previous statements two years ago. In the video below you can see his comments starting at the 9:45 mark.

Perhaps even more damming is the video from Hinn’s YouTube channel featuring him and his co-host asking for “seed money.” The video was online for about twelve hours before it was taken down. It seems that if you start asking people to plant money seeds to overcome their debt and breakthrough to prosperity two days after announcing you have changed your theology, people might have doubts about your sincerity.

Luckily for us, the internet never forgets, and there is video. Thanks to Steven Kozar for preserving this video. Listen to a “reformed” Hinn starting at the 5:25 mark.

Has Hinn really changed? Has Hinn repented? Actions speak louder than words, and Hinn’s words seem very inconsistent. As for his actions, Hinn still has his millions. ($40 million estimated) He didn’t give his money away to the poor; he didn’t act like Zacchaeus who promised to repay the ill-gotten gain he accumulated; he didn’t stop living in luxury. Let’s face it; it’s easy to denounce the pursuit of wealth when you already have yours.

There have been so many backlashes against prosperity preaching and the damaging effects it has on the poor people it bilks, that prosperity preachers need a new strategy. They claim they aren’t teaching the prosperity gospel while they preach it openly. The truly gullible will send in their money while claiming, “Benny isn’t teaching the prosperity gospel.” Reminds me the bully who tells his victims, “I’m not hitting you, stop hitting yourself.”

Benny’s nephew, Costi Hinn, wrote a behind the scenes book called God, Greed, and the Prosperity Gospel where he calls out Uncle Benny for his extravagant lifestyle and bad theology. perhaps this denouncement of prosperity teaching is a way to answer the charges from the book. I’ll believe Hinn has changed when his bank account does.

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