Jack Chick’s first anti-LGBTQ tract was called “The Gay Blade” it was originally written in 1972 and later updated in 1984. It’s currently out of print. The little pamphlet decries how gay activist have the nerve to demand equal rights! After all, in Chick’s world, Christians should be able to discriminate against those they call sinners. In the Culture Wars, having to treat people equally is an all-out attack against cultural Christianity.

The strange little pamphlet contains misleading statements, undocumented “facts,” and demonizing innuendo. Chick makes reference to R.A. MacAlister’s three-volume series The Excavation of Giza, his picture and text suggest that the Canaanite religious artifacts unearthed there paint a picture of something so vile it is unprintable. The implication is that this vileness is related to homosexuality. I’ve actually read what MacAlister wrote in Volume 2 chapter 10; he makes one reference to Isaiah 57:3 indicating that the room may have been used for temple prostitution and he references infant sacrifice. Chick doesn’t bother to cite his sources just misleads the reader into thinking God demanded the Israelites destroy the Canaanites because of homosexuality.

The undocumented fact Chick throws out is that “Average life expectancy of the male homosexual before AIDS was only 42 years because of venereal disease and violence. AIDS only reduced it to 39 years.” There is no research cited, no way to fact check this scare statistic. It can only be assumed that Chick either made it up or cribbed it from some non-credible source.

The demonizing innuendo comes from a picture on page 20 of this spiteful little tract. It shows two gay men pointed at two other men walking. They point and say, “look- he got a new one- good for him!” suggesting gays participate in active recruiting of straights. The complete ignorance of human sexuality drips from every page. This poisonous pamphlet spread a message of intolerance that influenced Fundagelical churches. It fueled the fires of discrimination and hatred contrary to the message of Jesus.

Currently, the new anti-LGBTQ pamphlet is called “Home Alone.” It outdoes the previous one in misleading statements, undocumented facts, and demonizing innuendo. In this little hateful tract, Barbara must leave in an emergency. She calls Coach Brad as a last-minute substitute babysitter for her teenage son Charlie. Brad, of course, is gay, and he seduces and molests Charlie. Charlie then falls under demonic oppression because of the abuse. Chick once again complains how gays are brainwashing people, and he presents dubious “facts” about AIDS and gay men’s sexual habit. He misuses the story in Genesis chapter 19 about Sodom and Gomorrah to validate his claim that God hates gays. Luckily Charlie finds a Chick Tract on page 19 and is saved from becoming a homosexual and from the fires of hell.

Chick perpetuates the myth that homosexuals are sex offenders and seek young victims, he uses outdated and disputed research to “prove” gay men are promiscuous. (The research was done in the free love period of the late 60’s early ’70s, and promiscuity was rampant with all sexualities) Chick perpetuates the myth that men turn gay because they are molested. Coach Brad was molested as a child, and now Charlie is on the brink because of his molestation. Chick adds a Fundagelical twist; Charlie becomes demon oppressed because of the molestation. Fundagelicals love them some demon oppression and possession. They create a long list of what can open the doors to demons in your life.

These tracts are meant for one purpose only: to promote the Fundagelical fear of non-fundies. Join with them and accept their version of the truth or you might be molested, turn into a homosexual, become demon possessed and go to hell. The Rogue Fundagelical has a rule of thumb: if religion is trying to induce fear, it’s trying to manipulate you.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” ~ 1 John 4:18

God loves humanity. Once you understand that and reject the Fundagelical teachings that God hates humanity and wants to destroy us in hell, fear goes away.

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