In 1856, William Ramsey wrote a book called “Spiritualism, a Satanic Delusion, and a Sign of the Times.” In this investigation of the spiritualism phenomenon of the late 1800s, Ramsey inserts a piece of topsy-turvy logic that will become part of the Fundagelical arsenal of twisted thinking used to explain conspiracies theories. Here is the quote:

One of the most striking proofs of the personal existence of Satan, which our times afford us, is found in the fact, that he has so influenced the minds of multitudes in reference to his existence and doings, as to make them believe that he does not exist; and that the hosts of Demons or Evil Spirits, over whom Satan presides as Prince, are only the phantasies of the brain, some hallucination of mind. Could we have a stronger proof of the existence of a mind so mighty as to produce such results?

This is the heart of conspiracy logic. No proof = proof!  Satan is so clever, so evil and manipulative, the fact that people don’t believe in Satan shows he must be real. By the same logic, since I don’t believe aliens abduct people from earth, it must be true. Damn aliens cover their tracks very well.

I mention this because I was recently reading an article about Satanic Ritual Abuse. (SRA) One of the key signs that you may have experienced SRA is that you experience memory loss. You don’t remember the abuse. Got a gap in your childhood you don’t remember? You were probably involved in SRA. The proof is the lack of evidence. Satanists make sure their victims don’t remember. By the way, if you suffer a memory gap, that is also proof of alien abduction. Damn aliens make sure you can’t remember stuff too. There is, of course, the possibility that satanist dress like aliens or the other way around.

Although there is no evidence of a widespread underground satanic organization killing and torturing children, many Fundagelicals believe the lack of evidence is the proof they exist. They hide so well and cover their tracks so well. If they didn’t exist, you would find them.

Redbook magazine in 1994 reported survey research which said that 70% of American adults believed in the existence of abusive satanic cults. Thirty-two percent explained away the absence of hard evidence or other proof by believing that “the FBI and police ignore evidence because they don’t want to admit the cults exist.” It’s a cover-up! The FBI IS PART OF THE SATANIC UNDERGROUND TOO!!!

This twisted thinking is why no matter how much you reason with a Fundagelical, you can’t change their mind with facts. Fundagelicals have been trained to ignore facts, science, and evidence. They only need the Bible and faith. If Science and the Bible disagree, Science is wrong. After all, it is well known those damn scientists are part of a vast conspiracy to attack Christian faith and get you to stop believing in God. Just look how they made up carbon dating and planted those fossils! I know there is no evidence Science is a conspiracy but, that proves it!

The mere fact that I am “scoffing” at Fundagelicals and their logic simply proves I must be part of the conspiracy too. As Keyser Söze said in The Usual Suspects, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” That proves I’m the Devil especially since I’m trying to convince you that none of this exists.

I know this blog post exists, I don’t remember writing it.

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