Fundagelicals, who never let facts get in the way of their twisted narratives, love conspiracy theories. In their bizarre worldview, they are always fighting some conspiracy, be it liberals, atheist or Satan. Yesterday, while our country mourned two horrific shootings, Bethany Blankley cooked up a conspiracy theory to score a few points with her rabid Fundagelical followers. She is an example of how soul-sick a person can become when they worship an angry, vengeful, psychotic god of their own creation.

Yesterday, August 5, 2019, she published a blog on Patheos called “Understanding how to identify False Flag Events.” It was only up for a few hours and then was taken down. It can be found archived here.

Here’s what she is selling. The El Paso and Dayton shooters were “false flags.” As she says, “Unfortunately the tragic events of shootings in El Paso or Dayton increasingly occurring in America appear to be False Flag events perpetrated by conspirators to get rid of the Second Amendment … El Paso and Dayton can be added to Las Vegas and many other recent shootings committed by agents who have no problem killing innocent people.”

Blankley, hours after a horrific tragedy, starts selling a false narrative to discount the inevitable effect of divisive hate speech in this country and sown more discord. She claims it wasn’t white nationalist emboldened by the hateful rhetoric that has become common in our national discourse; it was “agents” trying to take away your second amendment rights. Who do these agents work for? The so-called deep state? Liberals? Democrats? The Illuminati? Look at the Gilroy, El Paso, and Daton shooters. These aren’t agents, these are home grown terrorist radicalized by the dangerous rhetoric of conspiracy theorist like Blankley.

Bethany Blankley, according to her biography, is former Capitol Hill staffer, Fox News political analyst, and commentator on Christianity and politics in America. In other words, she makes her living creating division for political gain. She stoked racial division when she posted the headline question on her blog “Should NFL players who don’t acknowledge the National Anthem be shot? One Dallas Baptist pastor says they would be anywhere else but in America.”

However, in her short-lived “false flag” diatribe, she revealed how soul-sick she is. She has revealed how Fundagelicals lack compassion. The supposed pro-life movement doesn’t even stop to grieve the loss of life in El Paso and Dayton. Instead, they quickly conjure up a conspiracy theory to enrage their base. Blankley doesn’t even bother with the platitude of “thoughts and prayers.” Fundagelicals don’t care about life; their hearts are hardened against the suffering of their fellow human beings; they only care about creating a theocracy and forcing their twisted view of Christianity on this country.

All life is sacred. Every human being reflects the sacred image of God. When violence destroys life, we need to mourn and repent. America needs to repent of the society and culture we have created that allows mass shootings to continue. Bethany, what is more important: your second amendment right to own a weapon capable of killing dozens of people in under a minute or protecting the sacredness of human life? Here’s a hint, one is a right created by human beings who understood the world in terms of muskets; the other was created by Godin the Ten Commandments. Whatever happened to following God over the rule of man.

Moses Ten Commandments Stones Isolated on White Background.

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