Oh Boy, I’m going to need a new tinfoil hat for this one.

Two of the nuttiest conspiracy theorist combined forces to create a mix between prophecy and conspiracy. I’ve written about Mark Taylor, the so-called “Firefighter prophet,” whose claim to fame is supposedly predicting Donald Trump’s 2016 win.

I’ve also written about Chris McDonald.

Now they have combined forces and Taylor appeared on McDonald’s webcast.

Here’s the scoop, Taylor claims that God told him the satanic hoard had been released. Further, He claims God told him satanic pastors are now infiltrating churches. I have to admire Taylor’s inclusive attitude because he apparently doesn’t want to exclude any conspiracy nut and goes on to state that the satanic pastors are CIA planted Illuminati agents. It would seem that Taylor is open and affirming of every expression of conspiracy nuttery.

McDonald fidgets in his chair restlessly as he listens to Taylor proclaim this “prophecy.” he does, however, manage to give out a few grunts and affirmations. Taylor informs us that the CIA is very thorough and satanic pastors have infiltrated both mega-churches and small churches.

I’m guessing that since I am a progressive Christian, I’m a CIA Illuminati agent. Strange, I don’t remember being recruited by the CIA or the Illuminati. Of course, that’s what an agent would say. However, I do want my paycheck from both the CIA and the Illuminati, and I want my membership card.

I can understand why people need these kinds of conspiracy theories. Since God is omnipotent, everyone should have been saved by now, and the world should be a better place. So, the only explanation is that powerful forces are working behind the scenes to sabotage God. I’ll stick with the simpler explanation: the frailty of human beings.

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