The so-called “firefighter prophet” whose only source of authority is his self-proclaimed prediction that Donald Trump would become president, has decided to ignore what Jesus taught and redefine what it means to be a Christian.

“You cannot call yourself a Christian and be a Democrat! You cannot support the Kingdom of Darkness’s agenda and call yourself a child of God. It’s Spiritual Treason. If your [sic] a pastor or leader and you support there [sic] people/agenda, you are an agent of Satan, period. Repent! … –”

Last time I checked the Bible; there was no religious, political affiliation test to being a Christian. I can’t imagine people being denied entrance to heaven because they aren’t card-carrying  Republicans. This shows how far gone the Religious Right has become. They no longer hide that they are just shills for the Republican Party.

What makes you a Christian? I was taught back in my Southern Baptist days that it was trusting and having faith in Jesus. There is no doctrinal purity test. Jesus didn’t say “follow doctrine.” Jesus didn’t say “Follow Republicans.” Jesus said, “Follow Me.”

So, what exactly is the “Kingdom of Darkness agenda?” Is it the Democratic platform? Do you mean the idea of helping refugees fleeing for their lives is part of the kingdom of darkness? Maybe it’s trying to give healthcare to people who can’t afford it. Perhaps it’s trying to provide school lunches to hungry children. Sorry doesn’t sound like the Kingdom of Darkness to me; it sounds more like love your neighbor.

I can’t support the Religious Right because they are not pro-life. Oh yes, they are pro-birth and are against abortion, but after that child is born, they are Ok with ripping it away from family, putting it in a cage, and forcing it to live in a concentration camp.

Those children lucky enough to be born here in America, to the privileged class, are well taken care of, but to the underprivileged class, they are kept in poverty by a society that is dependent on an underclass to prop up the top 1%.

Rather than calling out the nation to repent of oppressing the poor and corrupting the court system in favor of the rich, like the Old Testament prophets, Mark Taylor has proclaimed Democrats treasonous. I’m sorry Mark, I’ve actually read my Bible and that’s not the message of the prophets.

How sad is it that people listen to false prophets like Taylor instead of reading their own Bible. The mere idea that one’s political affiliation determines whether or not a person is a Christian denies the fact that Jesus has a personal relationship with each believer. Yes, you can be a Democrat and be a Christian, and you can be a Republican and be an atheist. Stop conflating religion and politics; history has proven it to be a dangerous combination.

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