Self-proclaimed firefighter prophet Mark Taylor has a credibility problem. He’s made predictions that haven’t come true. The worst part is that he has a daily blog cast called The Daily Renegade. His predictions are recorded for posterity. This must be difficult for people in the false prophecy business; it’s hard to deny you said something when the internet remembers forever.

Biblical prophets weren’t really into the predicting business. Their main focus was to call people to repentance. They presented a choice. They told people how their behavior was leading to disaster and called them to return to God’s way to avoid the disastrous consequences of their own making.

Mark Taylor prefers to play the prognosticator. He makes wild predictions that support his right-wing conspiracy craziness. Taylor is upset that people are calling him out on his “Obama prophecy.”

Taylor predicted that Obama would serve a third term. This didn’t happen. However, Mark Taylor tells us it did, and you better not call him a false prophet or else. Here’s the great thing about false prophecies, you can always reinterpret them after the fact to make them say what you need them to.

According to Taylor, Obama “is, in fact, running a shadow government. . . .  Guys, that is his third term right there, . . . I tell these keyboard commandos that before you hit that enter button and you attack someone, you had better make sure that they are not God’s anointed . . . People don’t understand the implications of that. You are literally taking your life into your own hands right now because judgment is here. It’s not coming, it’s here on the earth right now, and God’s not putting up with it. So before you go calling someone false, you have better make sure that you have got all your facts and your ducks in a row.”

See, you just misunderstood the prophecy. Forget all the crazy conspiracy talk about how Obama would find a way to serve a third term; he’s doing is behind the scenes. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

However, to really cement how he’s not a false prophet, he adds a threat. “You are literally taking your life into your own hands.” because you have the nerve to question one of “God’s anointed.” This threat isn’t aimed at all the evil liberals like me; it’s aimed at his audience that may have doubts. He’s keeping his own audience in line and telling them to shut off their brains, to silence their instinct and trust him . . .  or else!

Any religious leader that discourages you from thinking for yourself should be avoided like the plague. Even God said, “Come let us reason together.” (Isaiah 1:18a) Any religious leader that demands unquestioned loyalty is leading his followers down a pathway to spiritual abuse. Ask the former followers of Harold Camping how they feel after trusting God’s anointed.

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