I’ll have to admit; I was ignorant of this Mega-Church pastor until Donald Trump tweeted out a quote from his appearance on Fox News. However, once I saw the quote, I did a little research and found myself appalled at how far our religious leaders have turned from Jesus to gain political power and influence.

Back in September of 2015, Jeffress, the leader of First Baptist Church in Dallas, was supporting Ben Carson for the Republican nomination. Carson made a controversial statement that Muslims should not be allowed to run for president of the United States. One News Now interviewed Jeffress who said, in defense of Carson, “To say that a candidate’s faith doesn’t make any difference is absolutely ridiculous,”

So, according to Jeffress, it’s OK for candidates to promote anti-Muslim doctrine and that we must make sure presidential candidates follow Christian values. What we have so far is just a Fundagelical pastor spouting off the same old Fundagelical Right-Wing intolerance. However, Ben Carson dropped out of the presidential race, and Jeffress decided to sell his soul to support the actual nominee.

When discussing Donald Trump’s lack of Christian character, Jeffress, who previously said that candidates should be held to a Christian litmus test, suddenly changed his tune. In July of 2016, Raw Story reported, “Jeffress, who urged Christian voters to impose a ‘religious litmus’ test when he backed Ben Carson for president, took the exact opposite position after switching his allegiance to Trump.

The influential pastor admitted that Trump isn’t much like Jesus Christ — a difference he enthusiastically described as a feature of his presidential campaign.”

Even more disturbing is how Jeffress denies the Christian’s obligation to the Kingdom of God and denounces the Sermon on the Mount as a guide for human living. Jeffress went on to say, “You know, I was debating an evangelical professor on NPR, and this professor said, ‘Pastor, don’t you want a candidate who embodies the teaching of Jesus and would govern this country according to the principles found in the Sermon on the Mount?’” Jeffress said. “I said, ‘Heck no.’ I would run from that candidate as far as possible, because the Sermon on the Mount was not given as a governing principle for this nation.”

I was shocked! What happened to the whole Religious Right, Fundagelical, propaganda that the United States was a Christian country founded on Christian principles and that’s why political candidates need to pass that Christian litmus test? What happened? It’s called hypocrisy! It’s called selling out the Kingdom of God for political influence and power. it’s called a bad shepherd leading his flock astray!

Fast forward to yesterday, September 29, 2019. Jeffress, appears on Sunday’s Fox and Friends, He states a few Republican talking points dismissing the impeachment inquiry and then after maligning Nancy Pelosi’s Christian beliefs says, “That if Democrats are successful in removing President Donald Trump from office, it will create a “Civil War-like fracture in this nation from which this country will never heal.”


Jeffress begins stoking the flames of violence, implying that if Trump is removed, there will be a Civil War like fracture. Strange, I thought Jesus taught “blessed are the peacemakers.” (Matthew 5:9) Jeffress makes it clear, forget Jesus; this is politics! His inciting of violence is disgusting. Not only is it anti-American and unpatriotic, but it is also against the very teachings of Christ who he claims to represent. The United States isn’t some banana republic led by a tinpot dictator who can threaten violence if he is removed from office. The United States has a proud tradition of peaceful transition of power. Jeffress chooses to be a provocateur instead of a reconciler. This country is divided enough. Our religious leaders should be asking for unity not threatening Civil War!

Jeffress has been seduced by the world system and has sold out Christ for  regular appearances on Fox and Friends. His 180 degree flip from Carson to Trump, denying the Christian Nationalism he and other Fundagelicals have promoted for years is dizzying to watch. Let’s face facts; Fundagelicals are shilling politics for power and gain. That Jeffress wouldn’t vote for someone who follows the Sermon on the Mount is no surprise. The Sermon on the Mount is the essence of Christian Life laid down by Jesus. Jesus as “The Way” demonstrated how human beings are to live. In Matthew chapter 4, Jesus is in the wilderness being tempted by the Devil, “The devil took him to a high place and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in an instant. The devil said to him, “I will give you all the power and glory of these kingdoms. All of it has been given to me, and I give it to anyone I please. So if you will worship me, all this will be yours.” Jesus answered him, “Scripture says, ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve only him.’” (Matthew 4:5-8)

Jesus resisted the temptation of political power and instead chose to serve God. Too bad Jeffress couldn’t do the same. His has chosen to live in the world rather than the Kingdom of God.  How sad that Christianity’s religious leaders are becoming friends with the world system. (James 4:4) One word: repent! Return to Kingdom living, return to following Jesus and stop promoting violence. Otherwise, when Jesus comes back, you’ll find yourself leading the charge to crucify Him again.

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