In the Book of Numbers, chapter 22, the story of Balaam’s ass appears. The story is always great for getting a giggle from Jr. High students doing their best Bevis and Butt head impression. “he said ass . . . heheheheh” In that story, God speaks through the mouth of a donkey to deliver a message to a disobedient prophet.

Mark Taylor, the so-called “Fire-fighter” prophet, is claiming that God is speaking to him through racehorses. On a recent appearance on Chris McDonald’s show, he repeated his “prophecy” that Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama would be rounded up and arrested for treason and possibly executed. (Thank you Q conspiracy) However he takes it even further. Give a listen to the video clip below provided by Right Wing Watch.

Taylor claims that God has been speaking to him a lot through racehorses lately. He predicted the Triple Crown winner! I hope he had a bet on that horse; I hate to think his prophecy skills are being wasted. Maybe God will speak to Taylor through some Lotto numbers next.

Taylor claims that it is a major prophetic sign that a horse named Barrack Obama was euthanized. He claims God is sending a message that Barrack Obama will be arrested and executed for treason.

I’m sorry, but racehorses are often named after famous people. Their winning, losing, or health conditions have nothing to do with prophecy. Mark Taylor is nothing short of a tea-reading huckster. Biblical prophecy is intended to call people to repentance and return to worshiping God.  Taylor’s form of prophecy is designed to validate conspiracy posts off of 8Chan.

Mark, you have to try harder, please at least twist a Bible verse out of contexts like Mark Blitz or John Hagee. They at least have the decency to quote the Bible out of context rather than the internet.

Mark Taylor is beloved by Fundagelicals because he feeds them a steady stream of conspiracy nonsense. He validates their irrational hatred of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. Why isn’t he promoting a love of Christ instead of hatred of political enemies? His wild, Q anonymous inspired, conspiracy prophecies are nothing more than Fundagelical torture porn. Fundagelicals drool at the thought that they will kill “those evil liberals.”

Hey Mark, I think God has been speaking to me through racehorses too! A racehorse named Donald Trump was castrated and renamed to FAKE NEWS! I guess you missed that prophetic message.

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