President Joe Biden called for political unity. In less than 24 hours, Right-Wing news media demonstrated why that isn’t possible.

To have unity, it will cost.

It will cost the Religious and Political Right their alternate reality. Both the Evangelicals and the Republicans will need to replace their alternate reality of Qanon conspiracies, “Alternate facts,” and Christian Nationalism with the shared reality of truth. I’ve written before on the creation of an alternate reality for Fundagelicals and their playbook for brainwashing Evangelical Christians to believe in an alternate reality. The Religious Right has rejected truth to gain power. They fell for the trap “the end justifies the means.” They have attempted to use lies and political propaganda to create a theocracy. They have created an alternate reality where Christians in America are a persecuted minority fighting against evil forces. (A shadowy cabal of Satanic cannibal pedophile)

The Political Right seeing a powerful voting block joined into an alternate reality and labeled the Democratic Party and Liberals as evil. The Religious Right seeing a pathway to power, happily welcomed their political allies. This led to “Pastors” who called Democratic candidates demon possessed.

This unholy alliance has led to a powerful delusion where lies are sold as the truth. It will cost both the Political and Religious Right their credibility, power, and influence to denounce their alternate reality’s falsity and unify the country before it implodes. If they pay, then our country and democracy have a chance to heal and move forward to better things.

It will cost all the politicians, media talking heads, and rank-and-file members to admit they lied about the election. There can be no unity where truth and lies attempt to coexist. (2 Corinthians 6:14) There is no way to unify politically when “A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist survey finds that more than sixty percent of Americans — but just one-quarter of Republicans — say they trust the results of the 2020 presidential election.” Seventy-five percent of Republicans believe that Biden is an illegitimate President despite Trump’s own Attorney General, Bill Barr, stated that both the Department of Justice and the FBI see no evidence of widespread voter fraud. What small percentage of fraud that occurred, for and against Trump, would not have changed the election outcome.

Facts don’t matter as long as the Political Right chooses to keep the lie alive. The people who believe this lie will perceive it as their duty to resist and obstruct wherever possible, making unity impossible. The promoters of this lie want to “move on” without admitting to the lie they spread. They wish to move on without the political consequences and fallout. They want no consequences to their actions. However, the consequences are disunity that has already resulted in insurrection and treason. The two sides cannot come together for the good of the people until lies are repudiated.

Unity will start with the truth. The truth comes with political costs. The question is: are the Religious and Political Right willing to pay that cost for the country’s good? The answer seems to be no. I’m watching politicians, preachers, and even Trump cultists start showing signs of selective amnesia. They are attempting to rehabilitate their reputations without costs. I watch as these groups who have spent so much time dividing the country and inflaming hate and anger take a page from the domestic abuser’s handbook by labeling those trying to hold them accountable for their actions as unwilling to unify.

If Christians want to promote unity both on the Left and the Right, we must center ourselves on truth. We can disagree on matters of interpretation, but one truth must be maintained. That one truth is this: If it doesn’t look like Jesus, sound like Jesus, and act like Jesus, then it isn’t Christianity. No matter what they confess with their lips, any person who doesn’t manifest the Fruit of the Spirit (the very definition of looking, sounding, and acting like Jesus) isn’t a Christians. The end never justifies the means, and lies will never bring about the Kingdom of God.

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