You might want to grab your tinfoil and make a double-layered hat for this one. Mark Taylor, the so-called “fire-fighter” prophet claimed that the Red Cross is grabbing people off the street to get blood to sacrifice to the demon Baal. He warns Christians to start carrying weapons because they need to protect themselves.

Taylor, on a program called Up Front in the Prophetic, grabbed his Fundagelical Mad Libs pad and started filling in random words to see what new thing God has shown him. In the video, provided by Right Wing Watch, Taylor starts out by asserting that Baal’s food source is drying up. My favorite part is where Taylor says, “If you don’t know who Baal is, go do a study, Ball is the second in command in Satan’s triune, when you talk about Jezebel and all these other people, they all fall under Baal’s command, that’s the way I look at it, you have to know command structure.” I’m wondering where he did his study. None of this is in the Bible. These are just names from the Bible plugged into some “command structure.” Ba’al was a generic term that meant “Lord.” it was used for a variety of gods in the Levant. There is no specific god or demon known as Ba’al. That sounds like a breakdown of command structure already. The actual “Satanic trinity” is derived from the book of Revelation and consist of Satan, the Beast, and the False Prophet.

Taylor goes on to assert, “We all know that the Red Cross is corrupt. You know what I mean, they’re into all this. Even Q has called them out.” The co-host of Up Front in Prophecy breathlessly agrees with “Absolutely.” Um, we all know? This must be one of those things Fundagelicals know. I never heard of it.

Taylor offers three pieces of evidence to support his assertion that the Red Cross is corrupt and is involved in the harvesting of blood for satanic purposes. First, Argumentum ad populum; we all know so it must be true. Just because a bunch of people may believe something, doesn’t make it true. There are a whole bunch of people who believe Donald Trump won the popular vote, that doesn’t make it true. Second, Taylor says that even Q has called them out. So, Taylor who has made numerous false prophecies cites a conspiracy theorist, who has made numerous false claims to support his assertion. I’m feeling a lack of credibility here. Third, Taylor says that God has been showing him these things. Now I can’t prove whether or not God is speaking to Taylor, but I can quote my Bible, “If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.” (Deuteronomy 18:22) Taylor has made several incorrect predictions in the past, claiming God showed him, so, looks like he spoke of his own accord and not what God has said. That would make him a false prophet.

Let’s summarize, citing a conspiracy theorist and supposed common knowledge says we need to get guns to protect ourselves from the Red Cross because they are kidnapping people to make blood sacrifices to a non-existent demon named Ba’al. Sign me up for a concealed carry permit and a tinfoil hat!

Taylor goes on to say that we can expect a blood drive from the Red Cross. he says they need more blood to offer to Ba’al since abortions and fetal blood are now harder to get. I can guarantee 100% that the Red Cross will have a blood drive. Predicting a Red Cross blood drive is like predicting Tuesday. It happens at regular intervals. The Red Cross always has a blood drive going. I guess when a Fundagelical sees the signs for the next Red Cross blood drive they can give each other a knowing nod, pat their concealed weapon, and refuse to give blood because they don’t want to be involved in any of this satanic stuff.

That’s what irritates me the most; we don’t need people walking around on the streets armed. Anyone who believes this nonsense shouldn’t be permitted to carry a concealed weapon. Taylor is fueling the fire for a dangerous situation. It also makes me mad that he may be hindering the good work the Red Cross does. They provide a valuable and much-needed service. Now, Fundagelicals are going to encourage people not to give blood, reducing our already limited supply. These crazy ramblings and irresponsible spreading of made-up conspiracies have real-world consequences.

So, if you would like to play the prophecy game, I have created a Mad Lib for you. Just pick any organization, add some satanic activity, have it done for any random demon, and then claim God showed you. Let’s see; God showed me that the ASCPA is training dogs and cats to offer prayers to Satan through ancient Babylonian magic spells that sound like barks and mews to worship Beelzebub. Someone schedule my appearance on Up Front in the Prophetic.

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